Delicious Moroccan cuisine and the bustle of Marrakesh where many tourists visit and travelers aiming for the Sahara desert

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. I am still traveling in Morocco.

Morocco is a developing country in Africa and security is not bad so many tourists visit. Accessibility from Europe is also a strength, attracting Muslim culture, historical city, delicious food and tourists. not only that,Arab Africa(North Africa)FromBlack AfricaThe starting point of a traveler who aims to become Morocco. I became friends with a traveler who would run through the Sahara desert.

I would like to introduce the situation of such a trip in Morocco.
The best tourist destination in MoroccoMarrakechIs here.

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Driving in the morning coastal area of ​​Morocco is foggy.

After daytime you can open up your sight clearly.

I entered Morocco from SpainTanger,Meknes,RabatAnd the northern part of Morocco was covered with pleasant greenery.

For a while in Morocco I ran the Japanese flag and ran. Nonetheless people in the city say "China." Well, in Europe I often heard that "I came from" and answered "Japan" I said, "No, no, I understand if you see the flag," but it is different. There are people who do not understand even by watching the flag.

Here also Jackie Chan is the Thai affiliationWyeEven South Korea, Samsung, China, and Japan have Asian recognition that all are becoming overwhelmed. I was told to say "Korea" just before passing by a young man. Regrettable, you are sorry. I can not explain it every time so I can do it properly. When called "Ni-hao" I turned over the hand with a smile "Ni Hao". It is very popular.

Apart from this welcome 'China', Moroccan young people also often told Oriental people "China" "Chin Chung Chang". Many Iranian young people, some Turkish youth are the same problem. I do not like Muslim youth. It is only good people to become an uncle ... .... In the time of morality there was a subject matter of how to make a noise to "gaijin, gaijin", but here you can hit malice towards the face. There is not any morality.

The passing street is like this.

In Meknes I met a mature rider couple from Australia. I heard that I came across the Eurasian Continent like myself. "I started traveling from Japan last April," he told me that Japan has traveled all around Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Hokkaido. Listening to the impression that "Japan was very good", I will be pleased with myself. When asked, "How did you leave Japan with a big motorcycle?" I asked, "I went from Wakkanai to Sakhalin using a ferry and then went to the mainland of Russia." The Japanese rider who met in Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan also said, "It is difficult to run a motorcycle in China," so it seems that Russia is the starting point for motorcycle riders crossing the Eurasian Continent. They said that "I will finish my journey in South Africa by crossing Africa from now on."

After finishing talking with them in Australia the local uncle called out. When saying "I am traveling from Japan," he said, "I have been to Japan at work, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Itachi" he seemed to be doing electrical work. Because it does not pronounce the first H in French, Itachi is Hitachi. The Moroccan man is a nice person overall, and it is one of the pleasure of traveling to do a rambling talk with them. And that is because it will also help you learn French.

He has a daughter who seems to be cute.

I came to Rabat, the capital of Morocco, after I left Meknes. Here we have to take a visa for Mauritania, the next country. I had a meeting with a Japanese charrider who was in contact and went to apply for a visa to the Mauritanian embassy together. It is Philippe of a Frenchman Chalida that I met here. He was also planning to cross the Africa like ours.

I ate rice with four of my friends.

Two people chatting at a hotel

Philip's tent seems to have a bicycle!

I have to go to receive my visa the next day. The Japanese charrider met with the same day as before the day to the Mauritanian Embassy. Philip, on the other hand, is staying at a private house near the embassy. He seems to leave when I get a visa, and everyone was filming Philippe and a bicycle.

Four of us were able to get a visa safely. And Phillip ran to Casablanca.

Among the two Japanese chariders except me, Mr. R was bicycling from Marrakesh and came to Rabat to get a visa. Since I got a visa, I will return to Marrakech by train. I decided to run with the rest of Mr. S and Rabat from Marrakech to Marrakech.

Casablanca's pleasant coastline from Rabat

I will let Moroccans I have taken pictures take pictures.

Like two people support each other, if there are two heavy bicycles, it seems that we do not need a stand. I was surprised by this technique that Mr. S taught me. Full packing bicycle is too heavy, so many people do not use the stand ... ....

Hassan Mosque representing Casablanca.

The city center of the countryside.

It is good because you can easily take pictures of yourself as you run with two people.

A mosque in Morocco. From the towerAzan(Islamic worship) can be heard.

Since prices have declined unlike Europe, we are on a journey through inn. However, unlike China and Southeast Asia, it is a place I was in trouble that there are not many cheap accommodation prices. I am staying in such a hotel in Morocco.

This is an inn with 70 dirham (about 700 yen). 1 Moroccan Dirham is almost 10 yen.

100 dirham (about 1000 yen) inn.

Two people 200 dirham (about 2000 yen)

100 dirham for two people (about 1000 yen)

And I started to eat out. I am eating such things in Morocco. This is minced meat grill, 20 dirham (about 200 yen).

Meat is hanging like this in front of the restaurant.

Grilled chicken, 15 dirham (about 150 yen).

Beef skewers, 25 dirham (about 250 yen).

People in the shop that burned beef.

Couscous, 20 dirham (about 200 yen). It is pasta which became like rice grains.

Tajin, 20 dirham (about 200 yen). It is a Moroccan version of meat and potatoes, and you can see it anywhere in Morocco.

Chicken, 20 Dirham (about 200 yen). It is useful because it can be eaten cheaply and belly with potato and bread.

Minced meat grilled, 2 servings of 60 dirham (about 600 yen).

Lamb meat burger, 5 dirham (about 50 yen).

Fried fish, 10 dirham (about 100 yen).

Do not forget the meal as well as snacks, Morocco tea. Moroccan tea is quite sweet.

Ichigo, 5 dirham (about 50 yen).

Cake, 1 piece 3 Dirham (about 30 yen). In Morocco, I can see such cakes anywhere.

Homemade yogurt, 1 cup 2 dirham (about 20 yen). Homemade yogurt which entered a big tank drawn to the rear car, it was sweet and delicious.

Crepe, one sheet 3 dirham (about 30 yen).

Boiled egg, 1 piece 3 Dirham (about 30 yen). What kind of egg is this?

When I am staying at an inn, when I eat, I use French to shop. I do not speak Arabic, my mother tongue of Morocco, I feel somewhat sorry. However, considering West Africa from now on, it is only a matter of remembering French. In West Africa, French is the standard language.

And I arrived in Marrakech, the most famous sightseeing spot in Morocco. In Morocco it is the second biggest city after Casablanca. It was crowded with a lot of tourists.

I can not read the traffic sign on the alley.

Attractions in MarrakechJema El Fna SquareWe are preparing for a lively night.

Here is a donkey car that I often find in Morocco.

A shop where lively carpets line up.

I do not get tired of watching the bustle of many people and souvenir shops in the night of Marrakesh.

Let's call attendance of souvenir shops that are somewhat noisy and bad reputation properly. When they nodded asking "Japan?" They ask "Tokyo"? When asked "China?" And it nodded, I asked "Pekin?" They are also studying.

In Jemaa El Fna square at night there are many organized stalls erect. I ate dinner several times here.

After meal, ginger tea of ​​1 cup 2 dirham (about 20 yen) calms down.

At Marrakesh 's hostel we met with Mr. R. Three charrider bicycles lined up in the hostel. Since Mr. S and Mr. R are traveling more than enough in the Americas, information on travels from them will bring himself to the Americas. Both will be traveling in Africa from this year to next year, and it is encouraging to be around Africa at the same time as they are.

It was a story that Mr. S's bicycle was rebuilt in this trip. It is a loving and fond of bicycle that makes you want to wear cheeks while watching the perfect composition and new parts.

Safety goods for taking the width with the car.

With a tripod that you can take various scenes while driving ...

I am equipped with GPS.

One bicycle of Mr. R is a dignified article that has been running for three years.

Two carriers are necessary to attach the front bag and the front side bag.

I have to carry lots of luggage to the loading platform. We also have spare tires.

Then Mr. S and Mr. R will start pairing.

We are going off two people to leave.

I became one person again.

I might be wondering "Why do not three people run together?", But there was hope that "I want to run alone in the Sahara Desert". As I leave Marrakesh, the population is getting thinner and we will continue into the Sahara desert.

(Sentence / picture:Takuya SAITO @ Chaliderman
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