To provide free "Magical Vacation" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea, super luxury benefits such as suite rooms and garden rental

Tokyo Disney Resort commemorates the 10th anniversary of the opening of Tokyo DisneySea, "Magical vacationWe announced to implement a campaign called "Campaign".

Starting from picking up at the cruiser, riding without waiting for your favorite attraction, you can eat as much as you like in the restaurant, you can experience the suite in the suite and stay at Tokyo Disney Sea free of charge, everyone saw There is no such thing as a dreamlike campaign.

Details are as below.
Magical vacation campaign

According to the special page released today by Tokyo Disney Resort, it seems to carry out "Magical Vacation Campaign" commemorating the 10th anniversary of the opening.

As a campaign A prize, one pair (up to 5 people, visiting garden days from 25th to 26th) of two days of "Magical Vacation Experience Tour" that you can experience vacationing history in the history of Tokyo Disney Resort We are to provide it.

This is the content of "Magical Vacation Experience Tour". On the first day you can experience greetings at the Dream Cruiser, a welcome ceremony, attractions and shows as much as you like, and experience luxurious dinners in the finest suite rooms.

Ten magic watching | Magical vacation campaign

Used to pick-up "Dream Cruiser"

Accommodation of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta etc will be provided.

Of course it is also possible to enjoy the night view of Tokyo DisneySea.

On the second day, you can rent out Tokyo DisneySea before opening the park for 30 minutes, and there are multiple secret events.

Anyhow, what kind of wonderful "magic" is provided ...?

As a B prize, there are 5 pairs (up to 5 people) of the package plan "Vacation Package" packed with enjoyment unique to the Tokyo Disney Resort Official at hotels and park tickets (up to 5 people visiting the park from April 21 to 22 ) Will be gifts.

Since the application period is from February 9 (Wednesday), 2011 (Monday) March 21 (Mon) 23:59, if you would like to experience a special time that you have not experienced yet, why not apply?

Magical vacation campaign

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