A watchdog that is not a watchdog, a security parrot that drives thieves away

Before the police approached in Colombia they were trained to cryA parrot that was used as a guardian of drug traffickingThere was also a case that there was a case that a bird was made to be complimented by a crime, but there are some reliable birds to prevent crime before it happened.

There is a case that a man of two people trying to invade residence by aiming for a vacancy escapes thought that the voice of a bird heard from inside the house is a voice of a person and is later arrested.

Details are as below.Sheriff: Talking birds scare off burglars in Palmetto - Crime & amp; Courts - BradentonHerald.com

FloridaManatee CountyPalmettoAt about 10:55 am on February 7 at the house of February 7, a woman who stayed home with her grandfather listens to the entrance hurriedly, he feels dangerous and seems to break the door if he does not reply A sound was heard, and when you looked outside it seemed that you could see the person standing in the garden like a watch.

The woman felt the danger and took her grandchild to evacuate to the bedroom at the back of the house, but since the entrance of the female house was severely locked at the entrance of the female house, this time it was a little small on the back of the lady's house I tried to push into the apartment. However, the pair who tried to break open the apartment door seemed to have run away from the garden suddenly as if surprised by something.

A woman who witnessed the whole story from the window of the bedroom hidden together with his grandchildren reported to the police, and in the apartment room near where the thief tried to intrude, no varieties were mentioned, but the parrot and parakeet, The circumstances that we were kept were later revealed.

According to a woman 's testimony, one of the suspects turned out to be Devin Shannon (20 years old) and arrested. Shannon is detained for bailing $ 7,500 (about 620,000 yen) due to theft, and the investigation is still continuing for the accomplice man.

The parakeets with high intelligence and cucumber cane are popular as a pet to "speak" by imitating the words that the owner has remembered and the voice of the television, but still the house that keeps the parake is as large as the house that keeps the dog and the cat there is no. Even if it is a level of crying that can not be said to be exactly like a human being, if the thief listens to the voice, he misunderstands the voice of a person or the sound of a television rather than thinks that it is a house keeping a parakeet, Is not it to judge that it is? When it is aiming for a vacant basket, I will give up the crime at the time I thought it was not out of the house so it seems that a different crime prevention effect can be expected with the watchdog.

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