"Manga full volume gift campaign" that you can get up to the new yearly release to be released

From today February 3 (Thursday) "Book Off OnlineIn commemoration of the opening of the mobile version of "Manga whole volume with lottery and new publication released for 1 year"Comic volume full volume gift campaign"Has been developed.

It is good news for those who want to gather comic strips currently serialized as it is said that the campaign of getting the entire volume of manga will be seen in other sweepstakes but you can also get a new year's worth of comics.

Campaign details are as follows.Book Off Online Mobile Site Open Memorial! Manga full volume gift campaign with two consecutive yearly minutes!

By entry from the mobile site of "Book off online" opened today, it is possible to apply for the campaign to receive the full volume of your favorite comic books and the new publication released between winning and March 9, 2012 I can do it. People who have already registered as members on the PC site add their mobile phone's e-mail address from the PC and register as a member, then apply from the mobile. People who do not register at all have direct access to the mobile site, and register and apply from there.

To the extent that you can choose the title of manga you get at the time of winning, there are various notes written in the application agreement. In the whole volumes of hope comics, because it is book off, it is natural that it is natural, but second - hand goods are included. Also, because the benefits such as the first edition special appendix of the newly released comic to be released after winning are not included and can not be delivered on the release date, it is said that it can not be delivered on the release date, so the favorite title It seems better to avoid requesting.

Several 4 frames are posted on the application page, and among them, this work is noticeable. Even if I am requesting Yoshihiro Togashi's currently closed holiday "HUNTER × HUNTER", I do not know when a new publication will be issued, so it is punchy that I do not have a meaning to apply for this gift, but when I say thatBerserk"Or"BASTARD !! - Destroy of Darkness God -","Five Star Story"May not be suitable for this gift, too.

Although it seems that there are some models that do not correspond to some mobile sites, it seems to be better to check a little before the application, but "I want to match the whole volume but it is not quite handy" Since it is an opportunity to get the manga being caught, please apply for those who care.

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