Did Genghis Khan, who killed 40 million people, lowered the temperature of the earth?

There is also an expression like "There is not a single grass left" pointing after the army has passed, but "Country broke down Mountains River"Summer grasses and soldiers dream tracesIn the land where people are not living due to the battle, such as plants and plants will grow over time. So, how much can you reduce the population to promote large scale forest regeneration that actually affects the climate of the earth?

Carnegie InstituteWhenMax · Planck InstituteScientists have revealed the green aspects of the previously unknown conquerors.

Details are as below.How Genghis Kahn cooled the planet

"It is a common misunderstanding that the human activities came to affect the climate since the Industrial Revolution following the discovery of fossil fuels," says the Carnegie Institute's environmental scientistJulia Pongratz"He says. "In fact, humans have been affecting the climate thousands of years ago by pioneering forests for farming and changing vegetation on the surface of the earth."

From the beginning of agricultural livestock raising, the human race is basically said to have "warmed the earth" by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by reducing forests and by increasing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Amid such history, was there such an event as "the earth will cool down" by human activities?

Dr. Pongratz and colleagues reported four events that may have influenced the climate by forest regeneration after the declining population, an invasion war by the Mongol empire from the 13th to the 14th century, the end of the 14th centuryPlague pandemic, From the 16th century to the 17th centuryEuropean conquest of the Americas, Ming of the latter half of the 17th centuryDecline, We have created a model of land covering (the physical state of the earth surface such as forest, grassland, water surface, soil etc.) from the year 800 AD. Thesis isThe HoloceneIt is published in the magazine.

"In short-term events such as pest epidemics and declining brightness, there were no forest regenerations that couldcels the carbon dioxide emitted by the corruption of soil matter (such as corpse), but the invasion by the Mongol empire And long-term events such as conquest of the USA by Europe, forest regeneration was possible to absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide, "Dr. Pongratz says.

From almost all of today's Asia to the Middle East and Eastern Europe, at its peak, it is the largest empire in history, accounting for 22% of the EarthEmpire of MongoliaIt is the father ofI killed 40 million peopleTo be saidGenghis Khan(Genghis Khan, 1162- 1227). It seems that forest regeneration after the mass killing was actually large enough to lower the temperature of the earth.

The Mongol empire, built by Genghis Khan in 1206, is the fifth EmperorKubirai(Fabylai, 1215-1294), it will be 20% of the land on Earth.

Dr. Pongratz and colleagues' research showed that the "invasion by the Mongol empire" among the four events had the greatest influence on the climate of the Earth, and under the hegemony of Mongolia, the destruction of the nation and the city and the forest regeneration due to the declining population caused atmospheric It is said that 700 million tons of carbon was absorbed. This is about the same amount as carbon dioxide derived from gasoline that is currently discharged on the earth in one year.

Currently, about 10% of the greenhouse gases emitted on the earth are destroyed by deforestation. Before thinking about increasing the number of trees to counter global warming, it seems necessary to start with stopping the decrease of the forest.

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