An 84-year-old grandmother who brought up a continuous burglar with a keystone stick

An 84 - year - old grandmother fought with a father 's memorial keeper with a strong stolen robbery who had stepped into his home in the midnight, and the criminal was arrested safely.

The girlfriend's headlock who was living with her grandmother was decided as a brilliant criminal, and the criminal who had hung as a result of the grandma's stick attack added to it as a chase crashed into the glass door during escape and said she was destroyed Thing.

It seems like an episode of a drama or something, but Grandma sends a bull message to the criminal and the reserve army of this time "The elderly who receives the pension are not the people of you."

The whole story until the robber sneaks into the grandmother's house and arrives at the rope is from the following.Pensioner, 84, fought off burglar with heirloom walking stick | Mail Online

Doris Thiele (age 84) woke up by accident at 3 am on the day when the incident occurred and found it suspicious that there was only one light in the room on the second floor, I found a robber that colors the bedroom.

She tried to conceal herself but as robber came towards him, he shouted unexpectedly, her daughter Helen (59 years old) hurried from the room, wearing a arm on the robber's neck I caught headlock.

The robber shouted, "I misunderstood the house, please release me!" Doris grabbed the staff of his father's memento and beat the robber's head, neck, shoulder. The robber was a strong man with a height of 190 cm, but Mr. Doris boldly hit him. By the way, because it is said that you had avoided striking the head with a vase near you so you had to kill it by mistake, you might think that robbery has lifted up.

Doris will show you the situation when you came across the robbery.

The robber managed to escape by somehow and got injured in the head as he rushed into the glass door and ran away from the hidden second floor room to the greenhouse outside. Police arrested Leon Ingram (34 years old) who arrived a few minutes after the report and was at the destination where he was tracing a blood streak that had fallen on the ground.

Ingram suspects who appeared in the Southampton criminal court recognized the crime of robbery. The suspect who had as many as 32 items of pre-conviction and also heroin addict was considered for four robberies other than Mr. Doris's home and four times for shoplifting, also for three years He was imprisoned in jail. About the battle with courageous ladies, the suspects looked back, "They did not care about their own safety at all."

Leon Ingram suspect. It looks like a scar on the face remains.

Later, Doris commented, "It would be nice if we can communicate that the elderly who receives the pension is not an animal's duck" to those who are thinking to do the robbery.

Mr. Doris has kept his living by himself since her daughter Helen was ahead of her husband when she was only 5 years old. "I did not work to sneak into a man's house and give money to drug addicts who color themselves without permission.I think that the act of that criminal was very rude and insulted, Ingram is offended by the crime of suspect.

According to the suspect's lawyer, Ingram is said to have sent an apology to Mr. Doris. It also means that we did our best to regain articles that we have stolen by guiding the police to a pawnbroker in order to survive a crime committed even a little. Dr. Doris and Helen were awarded a certificate from the police for confronting the intruder and finishing the crime of the continuous burglar.

Although it is only two people, there is nothing but to impress the courage of the ladies who challenged the battle against a young and well-built male opponent, but the fact that a continuous burglar sticks to the rope in this way is as if It seems to be a drama.

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