IPhone application distribution of social game "PAC-MAN REBORN (Pacman Reborn)" to raise Pac-Man started delivery

In commemoration of 30th anniversary from the birth of Pacman, we released a social game "PAC-MAN REBORN" that raises "packs" and creates the ultimate pack = Pacman.

The application is basic free, and it is a partial item charge system.

Details are as below.
PAC-MAN REBORN for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad found in the iTunes App Store

"Pack" evolves to more than 300 variations by repeated meals and formulations. I will create this new pack one after another in my own farm and aim to ultimately create the ultimate pack, that is, Pac-Man.

Packs can also be mixed with what friends raised, and you can give ghosts and fruits to each other. Moreover, it can communicate with the farm of already released portable version "PAC - MAN REBORN".

The app works in conjunction with Twitter, and you can have your follower eat as a pack meal. Followers are random extraction, packs may grow greatly depending on the content of the tweets.

It is also possible to raise not only the pack but also participate in the race.

The application is basic free and partly charged.


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