Seven large records shining brightly in the sports world

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Baseball, football, basketball and so on, each sports has a large record established by a past nominated player. There are records that can be rewritten by new players, but there is a great record keeping remaining in the middle for some time.

Ichiro said "It is more difficult than batting percentage by 40%", Joe DiMaggio's 56 consecutive games, including seven large records that seems not to be replaced in the future.

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◆ Continuing match hits 56(MLB)
Also known as being husband of Marilyn MonroeJoe DiMaggioIn 1941 established a record of "56 consecutive games". During the 2005-2006 seasonJimmy RollinsHe hit a series of hits in 38 games, but it is still a record that must be extended for 18 games yet. Ichiro, who has updated the rookie hits-hit record in the first year of the major league transfer, said that for season batting percentage 40% and 56 games consecutive hits,It is more difficult to play 56 consecutive gamesI answer.

All-round hits 4256(MLB)
Major League baseball hit producerPete RoseHe was active in Cincinnati Reds from 1963 to 1978. Reds in the 1970s built a golden age with the success of Pete Rose et al. After that, he worked for Phillies and Expo, and then moved to Reds again. In 1985Thailand · CobbHitting the hit record of 4192th out of the hit record of the hits, the number has been extended to 4256 by the time he retires from the office. this is,Derek JeterWill continue to hit 200 season hits for seven seasons in the future, so it is considered quite difficult. In addition, Pete Rose who took over as Director of Reds afterwards, has been exiled for permanent as it engaged in baseball gaming in 1989.

Continuous match appearance 2632(MLB)
Hiroshima Carp's "Tetsujin" The successive game appearance record 2215 held by Shigeo Kinugasa was repainted in 1996,Cal Ripken Jr.was. This record is finally accomplished by continuing out to the game for more than 16 consecutive seasons at last, 2130 of Lou Gehrig which is the major league record before Ripken and 2215 of Kinugasa are considerable. It is condition that it does not get sick, does not get injured, and does not rest even if there is death of family or birth of child. The current Major League baseball player seems to be about 600 consecutive games played even for the closest record player. By the way, as of the end of the 2010 series series in JapantotalThe match appearance record is 2330, and it is active Tomonori Kanemoto who has this. Since the season is 144 games, if you continue to play for 2 more seasons, you will finally see the number 2600, but the horrible part of Ripken's record isContinuousI mean that it is a match appearance.

◆ Winning victory 511(MLB)
I leave that name in the prize given to the best pitcher of the season at major leagueSai Young. In his 21-year career, he recorded the top five wins and 511 victories in total. "Rhin" is not a real name, but a nickname, comparing the magnitude of Fastball's power to a tornado (cyclone). This record is a record that must keep 25 wins a year for 20 seasons, it is a blessing to win and it will be difficult to get out unless it is a long pitcher of players' life.

Continuation first match appearance 297(NFL)
Brett FoveHe started playing for the match as a quarterback continuously for 297 games since 1992. During this period, he belonged to Green Bay Backers, but he seems to have lost only one time in the seventeen seasons Favor left. Incidentally, I also own numerous NFL records such as the number of starting matches, the number of victories, the total passyards.

◆ Season averageTriple / double(NBA)
"Triple / double" means to record 2 digits with 3 items out of 5 points of score, rebound, assist, steel, and block shot. It is not good just to have a scoring power, and it is necessary for the record to be an athlete who has taken offense. In the season of 1961 to 1962,Oscar RobertsonHad an astounding number of triple-and-double (30.8 goals, 12.5 rebounds, 11.4 assists per game) on average for the season. Even the season average means that there was a day when we had an activity only to regain it even if there was a bad day, so this record is the only record in NBA history until now. By the way, Wilt Chamberlain has achieved NBA record of 100 matches per game in the same season.

ASP World Championship10 wins(surfing)
Kelly Slater is a world famous surfer and has won 10 ASP World Championships. The second place record is 4 wins, so you can see the amazing thing that penetrated.Quick silverThere are a lot of surfers that adore him and spend time on Quick Silver.

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