7 types of foods that help you lose weight that you want to use for your diet



As soon as you start a diet, you may be distracted by 'how to reduce your diet' and be frustrated by the painful humor that makes you hungry.

Dieting in an unreasonable way is easy to rebound. Introducing 7 types of foods that will be a good partner in the long term and at the stage of eating with chitin and surely losing weight.

It contains some slightly high-calorie foods that seem to be the enemy of diet, but 'Yesterday's enemy is today's friend.' Depending on how you use it, it will act as a lubricant for a successful diet.

Seven Foods That Help You Lose Weight --Divine Caroline

1: Egg


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A study from the University of Kansas Medical Center shows that teens who ate a protein-rich breakfast were more than satisfied with a lower-calorie lunch than before. Eggs are rich in protein and can be easily incorporated into your daily diet.

As is clear from the experimental results, skipping breakfast just because you want to lose weight makes you feel hungry. Try a low-calorie, high-protein diet, such as fried olive oil in a frying pan to make a fried egg.

2: Pistachio



People who eat nuts often tend to get fat on their lower body, but pistachios have the property of being hard to gain weight among nuts.

While pistachios are high in protein, they are relatively low in fat and rich in dietary fiber. It's delicious and hungry, so it's perfect for eliminating the intolerable feeling of hunger while on a diet. By the way, even if you eat 30 grains, it is about 100 kcal, which is low calorie among nuts.

Researchers have confirmed that an obese adult reduced his weight by 500 kcal from a conventional diet and started eating about 85 grams of shelled pistachios for an afternoon snack, and succeeded in losing about 4 to 5 kilograms in 3 months. It has been.

Pistachios are an excellent food to accompany weight loss, but those with shells are better. Since it takes time to peel the shells, you do not have to eat fast naturally, and you can visually check the amount you ate by the number of shells, so you can prevent overeating.

3: Pizza

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You may be surprised to find a dish that is synonymous with high calories. However, if you choose a pizza with a thin crust and only plain cheese on it, it's okay for people on a diet to eat about a slice. You can also make a balanced meal by making it yourself and baking it with a lot of vegetables.

When you are on a diet, you tend to be conscious of dietary restrictions, and it may be normal to avoid 'delicious but high-calorie' dishes such as pizza. However, extreme diets don't last long, and it's better to get what you like, even with high calories, than to eat only low-calorie foods and get frustrated. One dietitian says that long-term weight loss can be successful if you include your favorite foods when dieting and deciding on a menu.

4: Green tea

Green tea contains catechins, which are effective for weight management and health when taken daily.

The effect has been confirmed in experiments on fat mice, but it has also been reported that administration of green tea extract to obese people for 3 months resulted in a weight loss of 4.6 percent.

Also, if you use tea leaves for cooking, you can get nutrients that do not dissolve in water, which is efficient. It seems to be easy to eat if you mix it with tempura clothes or use it instead of dashi stock.

5: Beet (tensai) juice



A study conducted in the United Kingdom found that nitrates in beet juice make the body less tired. People who drank juice were able to exercise continuously for about 16 percent longer than before. Of course, you can't just drink and lose weight, and it doesn't make sense to drink and then exercise.

Beet is a rather difficult ingredient to obtain in Japan, and it takes time to make juice, so if you can get it, you may cook it normally and eat it.

6: Apple



Apples are known to be good for your health, as you say, 'One apple a day, no doctor needed.' It's easier to drink juice, but it's still more effective to eat whole to get rid of the feeling of hunger while on a diet.

Studies have shown that eating apples first at lunch reduced the total calories of the meal by 15 percent. Even if it's not lunch, eating apples before meals, which tend to be the most calorie of the day, can effectively reduce calorie intake.

To change the story, if you put sweets in a conspicuous place, you will want to eat them with the magic of your eyes. It is safer and safer for people on a diet to put apples on a plate instead of sweets.

7: Chocolate

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I'm wary of sweet phrases like eating chocolate and dieting, but if used properly, chocolate can also be a successful weight loss tool.

One study concluded that a desire to 'eat chocolate' does not disrupt self-control, but plays a supporting role in successful long-term weight loss.

For example, if you eat a small amount of chocolate after exercising, it will be a nutritional supplement, and it will also be a driving force for motivation because you can think 'I can eat chocolate so I will do my best to get through'.

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