Achievement of the goal is dangerous, ten mines that you should not step on

ByCrashmaster 007

Even though we set goals such as "going on a diet" and "studying language," there are many things that will frustrate on the way. Although I was full of motivation at first at the beginning, I do not continue for some reason. Such a person may have stepped on "land mines" leading to failure.

Here, we will list 10 factors that are the reasons why you can not get there even though you have set a goal. If there are multiple items to know, it is like the yellow signal is accompanied by the goal achievement, so it may be good to review your own way once.

Ten "landmines" to stop people who strive towards the goal are from the following.Ten Ways to Make Sure You Fail to Hit Your Goals - by Dumb Little Man

1: Set an ambiguous target

ByKev: kev

Failure can not be avoided if you do not understand the achievement of a goal, that is, what success is like. For example, it is not a specific goal of "weigh about 20 kg by the next birthday", but rather as a vague desire to "lose weight" or "to save 4000 yen per month securely" Instead, simply take self-warning that you have to save money.

Even with a vague goal you can make efforts towards achievement, but it will be hard to judge the success or failure of achievement.

2: Make a TODO list longer than your own one


An easy way to link anything to failure is to distribute attention to many different things. Because I am paying attention to a lot of things, I can not set goals that change my life significantly.

And, in order to clean up all things at once, naturally exhausted your physical strength and energy quickly, and you will be forced into a situation of making a big mistake just by stepping on a bit.

In addition, there are things that are not feasible, such as "going to the gym every single day on weekdays and weekends" or "starting side jobs further while doing work in the day" And the probability of failing will be increased.

3: I will not tell anyone

ByCRASH: candy

When you tell your goals to friends, acquaintances, families, and other people around you, you will feel a sense of responsibility that "if you declared, you must achieve the goal."

If my sister knew about your diet, is not it going to go crazy to eat chocolate cake in front of her? In other cases, if a friend knows that you are seeking a job, you may be told that "Searching for work is going well?", The willingness to be lost may come back not.

If you keep secret without telling anyone about what you are targeting, you will not be ashamed of where you fail. Mind is comfortable, but instead success will be far away.

4: Flying off the squirrel


Suddenly a goal is often already achieved by someone. There are many ways to know the experiences of those who have already achieved their goals, such as books, blogs, bulletin boards, and so on. To not turn your eyes on those things is also to overlook the shortcut to success that your experiences tell us.

Even though we are bearish to want someone to be helped in our heart, if we try to do something with one person to the last, we will move straight ahead towards failure.

5: Just by making a few mistakes, I think that everything has gone bad

ByCorie Howell

Even though I'm on a diet I was going to get a refrigerator in the middle of the night, or I was saving 500 yen a day, but I got into a cafe, it is very easy to throw out the things that were goals for that reason. It is that. Moreover, you can use that failure conveniently as an excuse.

It is difficult to sink a small mistake in the water and to start the effort again, but if you do not do it, the goal can not be achieved anytime.

6: Set up an impossible deadline


By deciding the deadline, it is certain that it will be easy to set a goal attainment. However, deciding the deadline may become an issue and the goal can not be achieved.

Please check if there is no problem with the deadline set by yourself. For example, if you are going to write 100,000 characters of a novel in the middle of the month, it is actually to estimate that it will take half a year. If you are trying to lose more than 10 kilograms in a month, you should rethink your plan that it will take two months to reduce that much weight.

Ideals that are too high will rather keep your success.

7: I think that this time will be fine


If this is not the first time that we tried a diet, in past attempts such as "The birthday party of someone was held at the workplace and the cake behaved" or "My family wanted to eat delicious pizza" , I think there was a factor disturbing the achievement of the goal.

Despite of such experiences, if you think that you think that "this time is somehow difficult" without looking back on why he has failed so far, if the failure is already sticking to the back I can say

"I got the power of a will that will not be shaken by anyone suddenly" ... ... I do not bring any effect on achieving the goal. The reality is not such a sweet thing, as the same difficulties as ever stood up, I fall into a situation of committing a mistake again.

8: Towards something to do society

ByStephen Poff

Instead of doing meaningful things for myself, it is not very good to set a goal for something "something" that is socially required.

For example, though it is in the range that the current figure can live healthily, if you gain weight a little, you should be able to do anyway and it is like thinking that you should always be slim.

In the end of the goal set aside by social pressure and tide, there are still only failures.

9: I do not plan

ByJKo "nig

Being without planning is like planning to fail.

In addition, it is perfect in a sense if you set a deadline for which the likelihood of realization as explained at number 6 is set. If you do not place any milestones before the goal is achieved and act without imposing a clear goal, the walls like monsters that you can not reach out in front of your eyes set off, failing within a week It is visible to you.

10: Activate on Monday

ByThe 4/30 Murders

Monday is the best day to pull the will to the goal.

In addition to being tired of doing weekend schedule, I think that as soon as you imagine trying to imagine that the stress of work has begun to come down and I can not feel like challenging a very new thing. Doing a new challenge on Monday not only will fail instantaneously but may also have a negative impact on the surrounding people.

It is visible, however, that it fails when we set the goal on Monday next week. It seems to be better to decide on a certain day or something more relaxing in the time.

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