Kasamatsu Keika's race failed due to unprecedented reasons

In cases where the race of the horse race fails (race not going to be established), there are cases where all the horses are falling horse, and cases where the horse makes a mistake in the course, but today was heldKei KasamatsuSo the race has not been established due to unprecedented reasons.

The picture is from the following.
Kasamatsu Keiji Kasamatsu Kei: [apologies] Today (January 7) About the failure of the third race (video)

YouTube - January 7, 2011 Kasamatsu 3R race not established

There is no particular problem with the gate-in.

A successful start has been cut. Fusaichi Fujin and Meinaer Brazilier form the head with two heads, followed by Rickcher, Opera Tensi, Seyed Rodem from behind.

The race is Dart's 1600 meters, a race that will race around the racecourse.

The front Fusaichi Fudajima began to face over there. There is a difference as much as 3 horseback from the back.

It is almost time to see the last straight line ......

Vehicles for maintenance of the track are running on the course.

Fusaichi Fujin dodge the vehicle from the outside.

The following horses will continue to dodge the car one after another.

Fusaichi Fujin got goal as it was and Meinaer Brazilier entered in the second.

However, this race has been rejected.

Probably I forgot to run for 2 laps, I think that I entered the course maintenance because the first lap was over, but where I make a mistake a major accident happens. It is a pity that the person who bought the perfect betting ticket is disappointing, but it was good that there were no injuries on horses and jockeys.

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