Vulture with suspicion of Mossad's spy is caught

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That "Mosad"Israel Intelligence BureauApproximately 2,000 people belong to this company, and we are undertaking information gathering, confidential construction, even assassination of key people.

Vulture that Mossad used it as a spy was caught in Saudi Arabia.

For what kind of vulture was it, details are from the following.
Saudi Arabia captures Israeli 'spy vulture' - Telegraph

Saudi security services caught vulture with Tel Aviv University identification code tag and GPS transmitter.

In the Arabic-speaking world, in the website and forums "This isZionistHas trained vulture for the spy activity "and many vultures have come out and it seems that vulture has been recognized as a spy of Mossad sent from Israel in order to collect information in Saudi Arabia is.

In response, the Israeli official explained, "Because the behavior of birds was not malignant and it was investigating where the vultures move, such as transmitters," the Israeli Ha'aretz newspaper said "Vulture has been caught because it brought a virus," reports the arrest.

Because it is historically related countries, it may be unavoidable to turn the eyes of doubt even if it is true.

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