"Winning group prayer" is the concept, Lotteria's new product "Mille-feuille wins burger" Tasting review

Developed so that New Year from Lotteria can be greeted as "winning group"Mille-feuille wins burgerWe have been eating at once because today it was released for a limited time from today.

Mille-feuille KatsuSpeaking of crisp slices of pork in many layers, it is a dish whose section is similar to pastry confectionary Millefeuille, but "Millefeil wins burger" is a place to wonder what kind of section actually will be shown is.

So, the details of the look and taste of "Millefeil wins burger" are from the following.Campaign · Topics Details | Campaign · Topics | Lotteria

I have arrived at Lotteria.

A big banner of "Millefeil wins burger" in front of the shop.

There was also POP on the cash register. The state of 670 yen (including tax) in the case of 340 yen (tax included) as a single item and set (potato M + drink R). It is said that 30 yen will be deducted if student ID is presented.

This time I ordered separately. I receive a stylish feeling somewhat from the wrapping paper.

This is "Millefeil wins burger". It seems that Mille-feuille cuts are thicker.

Taking the buns look like this. A rich source of cabbage is applied.

I turned the Mille - feuille cutlet over. It seems that mayonnaise is painted.

When I try to eat it is a crispy clothing of Milfieu cutlets and the texture of cabbage is comfortable and sauce made with vegetables, fruits, vinegar, spices and aged carefully show us a good compatibility with katsu. Also, the buns are very simple, the cutlets are quite soft and easy to eat, but I did not receive the impression that the loin meat is overlapping much. If you like the feeling of crispness in clothing, you will be delicious.

Please note that "Millefeil wins burger" is not sold during the time of the morning menu.

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