As if the world of ice, the scenery of Moscow where everything froze

It was the other day that a strong chill flowed into the sky in the Tohoku region, causing heavy snow, the transport network paralyzed the other day. It seems that there are many people who saw 300 cars stuck for almost one day because the national highway was closed to traffic, as it was reported in the national news.

However, it is Moscow that it is much colder than that. Literally, everything is "freezing", so the sight which is not seen very much in Japan is spreading.

A lot of pictures of the city closed by ice are as follows.Live_report: Москва обледенела
Лишь тот живой, кто жаждет чуда ... - "Ледяной дождь" в Москве
Moya_moskva: Глазированная столица
Светописное искусство в жизнь - Бурелом в москве

The ice crowded firmly on the windowpane of the car, even to things like icicles.

The car body has become whitish as a whole, assimilated with the scenery around us.

The table tennis table left behind in the outdoor is almost completely white, leaving that silhouette any longer.

The trees are also filled with ice.

It is as if the sprouts are stored frozen. Because it is ice that is attached to trees, it is apt to think that it is a tree ice, but if it is transparent like thisCoarse iceIt seems to call it.

The red fruit is covered with ice, and it is as beautiful as an object.

Was it beyond the weight of snow and ice, a tree that seems to break even now.

Originally it should have been standing straight, but it looks like a tree of a willow.

There seems to be a tree that breaks in, and it has broken apart from the middle of the trunk.

When street trees have broken, it is also a job to keep them out of the way. An adult male is working with several people.

Icicle with a splendid shape also in steel scraps.

Parks where children play around well, swings are miserable until spring.

Illegitation also strikes the street lights and electric wires mercilessly.

Whether it is a car or a tree, it is only equally closed by ice before this cold.

Both sidewalks and roadways are frozen like skating rinks.

It seems to shudder just thinking what kind of sensible temperature it is if I go out in this cold weather.

A cat crawling under a frozen branch. Although it is a very beautiful sight, if you catch a cold weak star in this place, you will want to take him to a warm place somehow.

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