Beard-shaped magnets that give dignity to personal belongings such as refrigerators and cabinets

Beard is also seen as a symbol of dignity, but there are also people who are difficult to grow beard like men, as well as women and children.

What might be recommended for such a person is a beard-shaped magnet that can be attached anywhere where the personal magnets stick together "Mustache Jumbo Magnet"is. Turning on this, for example, a familiar fridge might look plenty of dignity and respect might be given to keeping vegetables and milk cool.

Usage examples of the beard type magnet "Mustache Jumbo Magnet" are as follows.Mustache Jumbo Magnet - Archie McPhee & amp;

The right is the package of "Mustache Jumbo Magnet". If you put it in the refrigerator, its dignity is increased by 30%. Incidentally, the size of this magnet is about 67.3 cm wide and it is quite large, and it is sold at the above site for 10 dollars and 95 cents (about 919 yen).

Even just a powerful open car, even with a beard, it makes you feel better.

A washing machine that became an atmosphere that seems to be talking now just by putting a beard.

The tasty cabinet also got along this street, expressive. Of course, it must be in the thing not affected by magnetism, but it is an item that seems to love attachment to everyday home appliances and furniture.

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