I adopted a form that everyone would imagine, I tried a snack "meat musk with bones!" That imaged the flesh of mammoth!?

"Meat musk of the bones with bone!? · Hoshinoaku taste" planned to be released from East Hato on January 10, 2011 and "Meat mushed meat with meat !? - Oriental meat taste" reached the editorial department I tried it at once.

"Mammoth meat with bone" series is "primitive experience snack" which imaged the flesh of mammoth,"Mammoth meat!! Sauce flavor of yakiniku, saltiness of Siberia" released in 2009Although it is different, although many people reproduce the shape which would be thought at the very beginning when image of "meat with meat" was imaged, what kind of snack is it on ever?

So, the actual appearance and taste of "Meat muscles with bones ?? · Hokkoku taste" "Meat musk of bones with bone!Notice from East Hato / East Hato Co., Ltd. Ten throwing on the meat with bones! "Mammoth meat with bone!? · Hoshino taste" "Meat of meat with bones !? · Newly brewed meat flavor" New release

This is the box of "Mammoth meat with bones!" That reached the editorial department. The package of "grilled meat flavor" is designed.

On the reverse side is the design of "Hoshino taste".

The texture seems to be different in the meat and bone parts.

I opened the box.

I tried to take it one by one.

First of all, "From the grilling grilled meat taste".

It is a snack confection that imagined mammoth bone meat and does not contain mammoth meat and bones.

This is the backside.

It is said to have a taste like cooked rice juice with charcoal fire.

Raw material indication. It seems that powdered miso and others are in the taste accents.

Nutrition information table. The number of calories per 45 g of bag is 250.5 kcal.

I tried to transfer it to a dish.

It is in the form of "Mammoth meat" that comes out in comics and others.

I tried turning over.

Looking from the side like this.

I cut it in half. When I try to eat it, it has a sweet taste like sauce of grilled meat and meaty flavor is felt. The texture is slightly stiff and crispy, and it feels like a little cheap. The surface of the bone is somewhat harder compared to other parts, and it has become a gusty texture.

Next is "Hoshino taste".

What is the taste of mammoth 's unwanted flavor?

It is a savory flavor under the sun and dried and aged.

Raw material indication. There is no powder miso in this place, it seems that Onion extract powder etc is contained instead.

Nutrition information table.

I moved to a plate.

"Hoshiaku taste" is a little orange-like color.

I ordered it as "grilled meat flavor". The left is "Olive BBQ flavor" and the right is "Hoshino taste".

I cut it in half. The taste of 'Hoshiku taste' itself is based on salty taste, but you can feel a smoky flavor like beef jerky. I also like the flavor of onion, it feels like it fits beer etc.

A slightly different form of snack "Mammoth meat with bone!?" Is said to be on sale from January 10, when the year is over. People who feel nostalgia in the flesh of mammoths may try to eat it as seeds.

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