A service to increase Twitter followers has started, and up to 20 thousand people increase monthly

This year, a full-fledged boom arrives in Japan, a microblogging service "Twitter" with a feeling of popularity in the blink of an eye, a service of increasing followers has appeared.

The number of followers that will increase depending on the course will change, but in the top plan it will increase up to 20,000 every month.

Details are as below.
Twitter Followers Increase Management Operation Agency Service Rakuzou

According to this page, it seems that a paid service "Rakugaku" which increases Twitter followers manually on behalf of users is currently deployed. The number of followers who can increase per month depends on the course, and each course has a minimum number of guaranteed people, and if the number of followers is less than the number of people, refund will be made.

Regarding the contents of the course, there are "Beginner Course" which can increase up to 1,500 at monthly amount of 1780 yen, "Course A" which can increase up to 3,500 people at 2980 yen / month, "Course B" which can increase up to 10,000 persons at 4980 yen / month, "Special course" which can increase up to 20 thousand persons by line is available for individuals, and there are courses of 30,000 yen or more per month to substitute for account management for corporate users.

By the way, the most interesting part is "How do I increase followers?According to the Q & A posted on the official website, the staff manually follows the general user on Twitter, and followers are increased by the user following the follow-up, according to the system that the followers increase The part is supposed to be limited to the selection of the opponent who will follow you back, search keywords and so on.

The voice of the user who actually used it. It is said that 2,600 followers have increased.

This is using the service for the PR purpose of DVD release, soon that the follower will reach 10,000 people.

Even though you select and chase the opponent, even though you are increasing the number of followers using this method, it is a big concern as to whether there really is a merit or not, but in Twitter's Terms of Use you will get "Followers Acquisition" etc. It is clearly "spam action" to use and promote the third party site singing, so users who are considering using it should be cautious.

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