Raising your mood with music or video helps creative thinking

Although I have to write a report, there is not a lot of people who watched videos of cute cats and babies on the Internet or studying while listening to music while thinking that "I can concentrate" Cow. Actually, such behavior that tends to feel guilty is actually working positive to raise thought power and idea and to get work done.

Helping creative thinking by being happy and looking forward by listening to music and watching images was supported by research done in Canada.

Details are as below.A Positive Mood Allows Your Brain to Think More Creatively - Association for Psychological Science

Experiments have shown that positive moods encourage creative thinking to solve problems and enable flexible and careful thinking. "A state in which creative thinking can be done" means that "it is a state where it is possible to switch ideas and a new idea is ready to go", so regardless of the field which is generally associated with creativity (creativity) such as design and art, It seems that those who are in a happy mood feel better in problem solving skills when solving problems or building programs.

University of Western OntarioResearchers prepare a learning task "classify images with complicated visual patterns according to a certain rule" and perform tasks after controlling the "mood" of students' subjects by music, images, etc. We did experiments.

In the research, first, experiments were conducted to find out what kind of music and images would make people the most "pleasant feeling" "sad feeling", and Mozart's cheerful music and the images that the baby is laughing are among the samples I discovered that the effect of making people feel happy and that the effect that makes people saddy is high is the news video that reports the music and earthquakes used in the movie "Schindler's List".

In addition to these "fun" mood makers and "sad" mood makers, we used neutral music and images that did not affect mood as a control group, asked the subjects to listen to the music and to have the subjects perform tasks as a result, Subjects who controlled their mood with 'happy' music or images said the performance of the task was higher than those of "sad" subjects and "neutral" subjects.

"When you tackle a project that requires an innovative idea, or if you have a problem you want to think carefully, first of all, you may feel positive when you feel positive," one researcher, Ruby Nadler I am talking. "Music is an effective way to raise your mood easily and it is not necessary to start listening to Mozart anything since today because each type of music works well for everyone."

Also, Mr. Nadler seems to believe that this is why many people see funniest videos that will unexpectedly laugh at their workplace PCs. "People are unconsciously trying to be in a positive mood".

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