It is a sign of resurgence to GONZO, due to increase of production works Production desk · Progress of production is ongoing

An animation production company named a great name in the animation bubble in the early 2000sGONZO". The broadcast of 2007 "Strike WitchesAlthough I have worked on many works such as "The performance is severe, on 30th July 2009Delisting the Tokyo Stock ExchangeAnd it disappeared from the original claim of work creation.

However, it seems that we are currently urgently inviting production desk and production progress to increase the number of productions.

Details are as below.
This time, we are recruiting the production of animation (TV series, theatrical version etc)Production desk, Perform progress management workProgress Progress Staff, Assistant in overseas animation production workInternational Production Assistant, Animation productionVideo Staff4 occupations.

Entry timing depends on the decision and the number of recruitment persons is from 1 to a few.

As a condition, the production desk is "to be an experienced animation production worker", the international production assistant is "to have experience in video production and fluency in English (still better if Chinese is possible)", the animation staff is "passion It is said to be "There is. There seems to be no requirement for production progress.

GONZO Job Seekers

Although it is almost impossible to make a creative contract that is credited as "animation production" with so-called end credits,Heaven's Lost F"GIANT KILLINGWe participated in subcontracting such as "GONZO not withdrawing from animation production."

Turn on again, "LAST EXILE"Or"RED GARDENI'd like you to send aspiring works like. Especially,Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010Then photography was forbidden,Ruri MurataIt is a place where the trend of the work by character design becomes matter of concern.

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