I bought a Panasonic oven range "Three Star Bistro NE - A 263 - CK" that is attractive with chic colors and fine output adjustment

Along with the replacement of the microwave oven installed in the editorial department, I bought newly the other dayToshiba "Stone oven oven ER-H8"Although I introduced, Panasonic purchased for use in another room "Three star bistro NE - A 263 - CKWe will deliver a review of.

If you thought that microwave oven would not change, it was a big mistake, the microwave oven which is currently on the market has been reduced from less than 10,000 yen except oven function, the highest oven range is over 150,000 yen, Extremely wide line-up has been developed. In this time, we are choosing a model that has limited functionality to some extent, according to the use in the office even in the oven range.

That's why I chose Panasonic's "three star bistro NE-A 263-CK" and why I actually used it from the following. It may be good to try to refer to how to choose a microwave oven.Steam Oven Range NE - A 263 - CK Product Overview | Range | Panasonic

I also introduced it in Toshiba 's stone oven ER - H 8 article, but this time I chose a microwave oven according to the following criteria.

◆ Standards for selection of microwave ovens
· Maximum output 1000 W
· With infrared sensor
· In-chamber cleaning by steam possible
· Recently released as much as possible

It is the standard for choosing the shortest possible time to warm up. Currently, 1000 W is the highest output value for home use range, and 1800 W for business use to be used at convenience stores etc.,200 V power supply requiredTherefore, it seems that it can not be used with a household 100 V power supply.

There are three types of sensors in the microwave oven: "steam sensor", "weight sensor" and "infrared sensor". The steam sensor measures the temperature by sensing the steam coming out of the food, but there is a disadvantage that it will be too warm if you lock up the steam with lap etc. The weight sensor is a function to adjust the time to warm by measuring the weight of the food placed in the cabinet, but care must be taken to warm up too much depending on the weight of the container. Since the infrared sensor is warmed while sensing the surface temperature, it seems that warming unevenness and errors are reduced as compared with other sensors. So I decided to pick one with infrared sensor this time. There is also a "temperature sensor" used when using the oven grill, but because it does not place importance on the oven function, it was excluded from the standard this time.

By using steam, it becomes possible to float and drop floating dirt such as oil and hardened curry, which makes it possible to shorten the cleaning time. In addition, there is also the charm that using steam warms meat and other materials more fluently.

· Release date
It is because energy saving efficiency may be bad if the release date is old. Also, due to the possibility of affecting the service life and sensors and other functions, the release time is limited to 2010.
While satisfying these criteria, we have chosen those that are as large as possible but also cheap.

Panasonic "Three star bistro NE - A 263 - CK" in the state where it arrived. The price at the time of purchase is 39,550 yen.

When opening it, there was a warranty card and details of accessories inside the top of the box.

Inside is like this.

I took it out of the box.

Looking from the front like this. Outside dimension is width 529 × depth 400 × height 340 mm. (Maximum depth dimension with steering wheel etc. included: 443 mm, depth dimension when door is opened: 655 mm)

Viewed from an angle.

The back is like this.

Paper on which an explanation about the energy saving function attached to the main body was opened when opening. If you do not start up even if you plug in the power plug, it seems that the power turns on when you open and close the door.

An automatic warming menu table is written.

Accessories are contained in the cabinet.

Accessories are two plates for grill which can be used according to the purpose first.

instruction manual.


Inside the cabinet. Panasonic "Three Star Bistro NE - A 263 - CK" is slightly smaller than the Toshiba 'Stone Oven ER - H 8' with a cabinet capacity of 26 L.

Instead of having a small amount of cabinet content, manual adjustment of output can be set finer than other ranges here. It seems to be useful for warming foods that require fine temperature adjustment such as eggs.

Like Toshiba ER-H8, I tried warming up rice.

The plastic tray weighs 9 g.

Together with the tray 259 g. The weight of rice is just 250 g.

A movie that automatically heats rice with Toshiba "Stone oven oven ER - H8". It took 2 minutes 12 seconds to warm 250 grams of rice in a plastic tray. The temperature of the current rice is displayed in 50 seconds from the beginning of warming and you can see that it gradually warms up.

Next, I tried to warm "Horai's pig milk" using the steam function.

When warming pork bread, we use the function of "5 Chinese noodle warm".

Fine adjustment is possible according to the size of Chinese bread.

To operate "5 Chinese noodle warmth" just rotate the knob labeled "automatic menu / time" in the center of the picture, align the display on the liquid crystal with "5" and press "warm start". The state of the operation can be checked with the following movie.

This is the state actually warming the Chinese food with "5 Chinese noodle warmth". It took 5 minutes and 12 seconds. The remaining time is displayed in 41 seconds from the start of warming.

This is also very easy to operate, since the automatic menu table is also written on the airframe, it is thankful that there is nothing special to remember when operating. It is also interesting to see the change in temperature during automatic warming, of course you can also set the target temperature, but of course people who say "I want to end with a lukewarm, because it is a cat tongue, it will be troublesome" I do not.

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