If that masterpiece or epic episode was a B grade zombie movie ... Realistic posters drawn in a setting called ......

Everyone has made familiar masterpieces and famous masterpiece posters as a zombie movie-like parody, illustrator'sMatt BuschWe will introduce "Hollywood is Dead" series by Mr. Mr.

The real poster that makes everyone think "there really is such a movie" does not mean that the original poster was digitally processed, but it all seems to have been drawn using paper and brushes by Mr. Busch is.

The image is from the following.Hollywood is Dead

Once dead and further upgraded "King Kong"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's (Breakfast at Tiffany's)"Rather than" Tiffany for breakfast (Breakfast is Tiffany) ". Surely the hero who plays Audrey Hepburn is a zombie panic movie attacking another heroine named Tiffany.

"With love from a rotten country", The killing license is"666"is.

"New hope(A New Hope) "Although it is" New epidemic "(A New Epidemic), the Japanese title may become" new despair ".

The sequel is obediently "The counterattack of a zombieIt seems to be okay with.

"Zombie Apocalypse", As it is, it seems that it is possible to go naturally to the development of" There was a zombie kingdom of Kurtz in the back of the jungle ... .... ".

Classic musical "Grease"Is also a zombie version"A thrillerWill it be used like a song?

"Back to the Future"Nemu" Bleak is the Future (future is dark) ".

"Ghost Busters"It seems that just replacing the ghost with a zombie is likely to go straight, but will it be a confusing development that it will be revived as a zombie even if he defeats the ghost?

"E. T.There is not much change in appearance, but I am afraid of kitchen knife.

"Goonies"Den" Gloomies "(glooming corps) may be a popular amusement epic work for children of zombies.

"Color purple"To" killer purple ". Spielberg's work is very popular in the zombie world.

"Indiana Jones / The Last Jihad"Indie Bones / The Last Dead Body".

In some meaning that an adult Tinker Bell of Julia Roberts can be seen "hookBut, is the zombie version even more crazy?

"Bad Pit" and "Dead Word · Norton" 's "Fight Club"

Disney movies are also zombieized. "Little Mermaid"Is" Lethal Mermaid (Hissatsu Mermaid) "has become.

"Toy Story"To To - Goalie (Toy Blood Mist)".

"Harry potter"Is a black magician's user" Scary Rotter "(scared and rotten fellow)".

"Cadaver(Corpse) "of"Avatar'Cadavatar'

In addition to this, you can see various zombieized masterpiece movies from the following site.

Hollywood is Dead

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