We can enjoy hot beverages at any time, wrapping type "Drink warmer" corresponding to various containers

It became a season when I wanted full-fledged drinks, but even if I bought warm coffee in a mug, even if I purchased a warm PET bottle drink, it would be troublesome to cool down if I leave it for a while.

Drinks were also chilly when I thought about drinking a hot drink bought because it was cold, but there is not much point in that it is meaningless, but a "drink warmer" that can be kept warm for a long time to solve such difficulties It appeared.

It is not a drink holder type but a winding type, so it supports all kinds of containers such as mugs and pet bottles with handles.

Details are as below.
Sankoreramono shop [drink warmer (wound type)] It is a drink warmer that can keep warm or have a long drink by wrapping around plastic bottles, coffee cups etc!

According to the official page of Sankoreamo shop selling distinctive items, it seems that they are now selling "drink warmer (wound type)" as a new product. The price is 1260 yen including tax.

"Drink warmer (wrap-around type)" means that you can drink warm drinks at any time while doing personal computers at a company or home desk, in addition to plastic bottles, it also supports coffee cups with handles It is said that.

This is "drink warmer (wound type)".

Wrapped around a plastic bottle. It becomes very easy to use because it will be warmed just by connecting to the USB terminal of the personal computer.

Looking from the bottom it looks like this.

Even a mug with a handle can be warmed like this.

The heater temperature is about 38 degrees and it is said that there are cases where it may go up and down depending on the environment.

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