Ten ideas that teenage boys and girls can not tell of tend to forget when they become adults

Which stress actually felt and what kind of idea he was apt to hold, anyone would have forgotten that at first at first, I forgot that fact and I can not understand the feelings of teens boys and girls It tends to get out.

If you know ten ideas that teenage boys and girls can not say beforehand, chances are that there is no need to spend wasteful effort and time due to mistakes. It is helpful to know if you do not know how to lose, or if you remember it now.

Therefore, details are from the following.
10 Things Your Teenager Will not Tell You

Part 1: I want privacy

A 14 - year - old girl Eliner says, "I hate parents because they do not give me a single room!" And I am angry that "parents do not think I need such space. Even if the room is shared, it is imperative to give a closet, a desk or the like that should be said to be an out-of-bound area that nobody inquires into the interior without permission. In order to show that we respect children 's privacy, never find a house unless there is a specific reason to lie or serious concealment.

Part 2: I want you to hear what you say

A 13 - year - old keegan says, "I want to tell everything to Mama and Dad," but "I do not want to hear parents talking about gathering." Sometimes children sometimes just want to listen to the story and do not want to ask you to solve all the problems.

Part 3: In fact there is a boyfriend / girlfriend

"I do not say that my parents actually have boyfriends for a year and they do not allow me to have a boyfriend, but my parents know that we are together I have known that every time he said "We are just friends" and made falsehoods. "

Part 4: Bad results

Sam 16 years old says, "Because I do not say that my grades are bad for my parents, I will ask why I'm asking if my grades are bad." In the next test which took a bad result, I'm making an effort to get good grades but saying "There are even nights I do not want to study at all"!

Part 5: I do not want to say sexual topics

Sonia, 15, said, "Mothers ask if I kissed, but I do not want to say anything like that, my life is mine and not mother's thing." It is not a good thing to ask your personal sexual experiences in detail, but there is no problem if you give advice from a third party point of view.

Part 6: I want you to think that brothers are also responsible

Henry at the age of 13 said, "I do not dislike my parents do not get angry, even if my youngest brother does something, so even if my younger brother sells a fight," That girl is still 7 years old " I will scratch it. " It is important to think about individual circumstances and you will never be respected unless your child thinks that you are a fair and reasonable parent.

Part 7: I do not want you to catch up when you are down

Erin of 17 years old says, "When I hear that my mother is screaming when I am already depressed, I feel sad."

Part 8: Lie to avoid trouble

A 19-year-old Aaron says, "Because I am too drunk to drive, I do not go home, so if I say this to my parents, I will lie because they both mock," he said.

Part 9: I am disappointed on the grounds that my age is short

Issey at the age of 17 said, "You are already 17 years old, act like it?" While the roots of the tongue also said not to dry, "Too young to do that, I'm 17 years old, I'm 17 years old." I tell my parents I can not bear to be wrecked, so decide which way to do? Which one do you say?

Part 10: I want you to trust yourself

Stephen, a 15-year-old, says, "My parents do not believe that I am not dragging them." "My parents believe that other people tell their parents than what I say to their parents, so I do not like parents." Mistrust will grow apart as we constantly condemn children without any basis. I will be doing something wrong only by being tired of being accused accidentally. Let's trust your children until you know the real reason.

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