Humanity and the alien face the full confrontation, the movie "World invasion: Los Angeles decisive battle" Japanese subtitled trailer movie

Humanity vs in Los Angeles Film depicting the decisive battle of the alien "Battle: Los Angeles"The release in Japan was decided on April 1, 2011, and a trailer with Japanese audio and subtitled specials video was released, so I will introduce it.

The title is "World invasion: Los Angeles decisive battle"And various scenes approaching the imminent scenes like panic movies that were not included in the previous oversea version notice previously added have been added.

Trailer details are as follows.World invasion: Battle of Los Angeles - Official site

YouTube - "World Invasion: Los Angeles Decisive Battle" Trailer (with Japanese subtitles)

A rotating parabola antenna seems to be a shadow.

Downtown area that people follow.

The sky is lit by the search light.

"On February 25, 1942, 100,000 people witnessed unidentified flying objects over Ross"

More than 2400 anti-aircraft guns were fired by the US military, but no effect.

While the aftermath of the ominous narration that "the encounter with extraterrestrial life is only the beginning ..." remains, the area and the age where the unidentified flying object was witnessed are reflected one after another.

The phrase "their purpose has not been revealed yet ..." and a screen of meaningful sandstorms.

A child pointing to an unidentified flying object, and an escaped citizen.

Sighting information at sea.

Major cities such as Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, Rio and so on will be attacked one after the other.

Even though my mother is going to rescue his child somehow, desperate efforts are vain and girls are under debris. And to the United States · New York the devil hands of the extraterrestrial life creeps steadily.

What does the US military confronting an unidentified flying object think in front of an overwhelming enemy?

While other cities are falling one after another, the battle begins to defend Los Angeles.

"World invasion: Battle of Los Angeles" will be released on Friday, April 1, 2011.

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