Deep Sea Diver "game that finds relics sleeping in the deep sea by submarine

"Deep Sea Diver" is an adventure game that collects artifacts in the sea with submarines.

There are ten relics in the world, clearing the game when collecting all. However, there are lots of obstacles that the underwater is on an unexpected labyrinth or the submarine is about to collapse with a great water pressure.

The game review is from the following.
Deep Sea Diver

Click "PLAY GAME" in the lower right.

Click "PLAY".

There are 10 dive spots in all.

Ancient artifacts to collect are shown with such icons.

Besides this, icons with numbers are the point of clearing and coins can be used to upgrade submarines.

That's why I started diving. Operation is OK with only the cursor keys.

Sinking a bit deeper will narrow the field of vision.

Points, coins, artifacts are secured by once rising to the sea level.

Oxygen became less and it soared rapidly.

I found a relic. If you take this to the sea level, the map will be clear.

There are lots of fish that I have not seen in the deep sea.

Let's strengthen the submarine with the collected coins and collect relics from all over the world.

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