Sales of flat-screen televisions sharply increased to about 500% compared with the previous year, due to the haste demand due to ecological points halving

In response to the eco point declining by half from December 2010, it became clear that the sales volume has increased to about 500% of the previous year as a result of the demand for rushing in flat screen TVs and others.

For consumer electronics makers and consumer electronics mass merchandisers and others, it is a dreamlike event, but on the other hand, for consumers there is pressure to "have to decide during the month" and the inventory of shops selling at a low price In response to the lack of it,Body price also risesAs it is, it seems that reality is that everything is grieving.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)November 2010 Flat TV Market Sales Trend | GFK Marketing Service Japan KK

Market research firm GfK Marketing Service Japan conducted market research on consumer electronics retailers, from October 8 when it was decided that eco points will be halved in December 2010, the flat-screen TV market has been in the past He seems to show a rapid expansion without. The sales volume is increasing with each week, and the sales volume per week since November has been moving beyond 1 million units.

The volume of sales volume at home appliance mass merchandisers increased by 396% during the first week (1 to 7 days) in November, 497% in the second week of November (8 to 14 days), the third week of November ( 15 to 21 days) has increased by 467%, the peak of sales is seen as the fourth week (November 22 to 28) in the last week, and the monthly sales volume in November 2010 is past in the past It is sure to be the best.

Trends in sales volume look like this. Even as of November 2009 the unit sales should have increased due to the impact of eco points, but it is amazing that it is even more than 500% higher.

Incidentally, not only flat-screen televisions but also sales of air conditioners and refrigerators, which are also products subject to Eco Points, and AV equipment related to flat-screen TVs, are on the rise, and the sales volume up to the third week of November The air conditioner is about 2.9 times, the refrigerator is about twice, the BD recorder is about 3.2 times and the rack theater is about 3.6 times.

In addition, although the market size of television has been around 10 million units per year in 2009, it has increased to 13.9 million units in 2009 due to the impact of the eco-point system, and in 2010 it received 2500 It is said that it is expected to reach 10 thousand units.

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