Michael Jackson's "THIS IS IT" decided on a special broadcast on the terrestrial wave, the broadcasting time was 4 hours

Successful death on June 25, 2009Michael Jackson, an artist who gave a great impact to the world, recorded rehearsal images of concert performances scheduled to be held 50 times in total from July 13 to March 6, 2010 Documentary film that did "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT"Was decided to be specially broadcasted by terrestrial wave.

The broadcasting time is scheduled to be 4 hours, the world's first attempt to commemorate the broadcast, the vision of "London performance" that became illusions will be reproduced and viewers will be invited.

Details are as below.
Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Friday special road show 4 hours special - Friday road show

According to Nippon Television's "Friday Road Show" special site, "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT" will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting on December 24, 2010 (Friday).

Broadcast time is scheduled to be from 20:30 to 23:00, but because the special program "Mr. Michael Jackson Legend 24 Successfully Rejoining Releasing Michael Jackson Legend 24!" Featuring Michael Jackson from 19 o'clock will be broadcasted, Total The broadcasting time will be about 4 hours.

Also, on December 23 (Thursday, congratulations) on the day before the broadcasting, at the "SHIBUYA-AX" in Shibuya, the performances of 8 songs by dancers who were supposed to be on the same stage as Michael in the performance, the production of London performances It will be attempted to reproduce the phantom London performance first in the world by showing off 3D video that was planned to be used as a part.

The state of this event is scheduled to be invited simultaneously with 3,000 viewers by lottery, as it will be broadcasted simultaneously by 3D at "Nippon Telephone" in Sony's technical cooperation. The application method will be announced within the Friday Road Show on December 10 broadcast.

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