Why does my finger feel wrinkle in the pool or bath?

I think that everyone experienced a phenomenon in which fingers become wrinkled due to pools, baths, long-time water work etc. However, why only fingers and hands and feet become wrinkled and wrinkles on the arms and abdomen do not become wrinkle Or is it unexpectedly unknown why it will be wrinkly in the first place? If you recall, many people may not have taught even if asking "what?" To father and mother when they were children.

Let's prepare for those who have children and who do not have children when it is asked by someone in the future.

Details are as below.Why Fingers Wrinkle in Water

Why do they become rustling? To put it briefly,Fat on the surface of the skin flows with water → The underlying layer sucks up and swells water → the parts connected to the underlying inflatable layer draws and wrinklesIt becomes the principle that it is. Did you understand somehow?

Sebaceous glandThe sebum that comes out covers the skin and the hair, this layer of sebum confines moisture to prevent drying and prevents the liquid touching the skin from penetrating, protecting the skin and the hair.

If you do not wash your hair for a number of days it may become greasy and sticky, and many people may have thought that "sebum is delicious". However, for example, at the time of sports harvesting, it may have been enough to wash the head of the Gashigashi with a shampoo or soap, but there are also many men who become hairy if you do not use a conditioner if you straighten the hair. This is because when it was short hair it was protected to the tip of the hair with grease leaving the scalp, but as the hair grows, sebum does not reach the tip.

When the skin and hair are exposed to water for a long time, the coating of this sebum is made to flow,EpidermisIt will be exposed. On the epidermiskeratinAlthough this protein is included, this keratin is dead and hardened is the outermost stratum corneum of the skin. Dead keratinocytes in the stratum corneum swell like a sponge with water but the living keratin hardly sucks water. At this point where it is connected with the inflatable layer on the inside, the horny substance is being pulled as if it was sewn, whereas the horny quality of the unbonded part can swell as much as possible, so that as a result, Variations will emerge, resulting in a "wrinkle" state.

Since the stratum corneum is thicker than the other parts of the body such as the fingers, palm of the hands, and soles of the feet, the manner of inflation when the water is sucked is also large, it is quicker to make a wrinkle and it is easy to make conspicuous wrinkle I will.

It may be difficult for a baby with a thin stratum corneum to be wrinkle compared to an adult.

When the stratum corneum that protects the fingertip and the sole of the foot usually contains water and becomes soft, it becomes easy to injure by that amount, so after handling the knife in the water work and swimming after the swimming When walking on a beach, it seems better to warn injuries than usual.

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