"SAW 3D" will be screened in front of the parents who were looking forward to the animated movie

In a movie theater, sometimes you see a customer who mistook the number of the theater to enter and another movie starts and goes out in a hurry, but in the opposite case the movie theater mistakenly shows the film It seems there was.

In the theater, DreamWorks' 3D animated film "Mega mindIt seems that a lot of parents and children have been coming forward to look forward to, but more than that, the horror film "SAW 3DIt was said that it was.

Details of the incident that would have left trauma in the hearts of children are as follows.
WHDH - TV - Movie mix - up causes children to view horror flick

According to whdh.com, it seems that a horror movie "SAW 3D" has been screened by mistake in front of a parent and child who gathered to see Dreamworks animation movie "mega mind" at a movie theater in Boston.

The cinema side noticed a mistake in a few minutes, called for closing the eyes so that children would not see the murder or human body disconnection scene, after that, he said that they performed the screening of "Mega Mind" as planned.

At the time, the guardian who went to see the movie said, "There were a lot of exciting things for the children when the trailer began, which was kind of awkward," but it is no doubt that screening from now It does not seem to have thought that it is "SAW" to be done. In the house of Dorf Lau, a 7-year-old son encountered this incident and in the evening it seems that he slept with Mr. Dolph for the first time in several years as "I had a bad dream." Free tickets were distributed to the affected children, but Mr. Dolph's son said "I do not want to see a movie for a while."

In Japan, it is supposed to have went to see "Doraemon" but "grudge" seems to have started. I feel that shocks that showed "SAW" with big screen and superb acoustics can not be dispelled so easily.

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