A former high-tech product has been struggling, various retro advertisements of health · daily necessities

Retro advertisements of various idea products that had been sold, such as "gum massage device" and "hat with tobacco storage function" were introduced.

Although it is only fashionable advertisement on the whole, the high-tech condition of the product being introduced is headed for the day after tomorrow. Even now and again, it is noticed that there is a strong tendency to include interesting ideas for health equipments and daily necessities, it is becoming tasty anything.

The image of the advertisement poster is as follows.The Strange Things You Can not Buy Anymore | Jaffa Mood

A massager simulating a human finger. Also recommended by a dentist Although it seems to be a machine that can easily perform gum massage, it is a bit scary that a finger is suddenly sticking out of a round body and trembling ......

It is condensing all the functions of the kitchen to 5 square feet (0.46 square meters). Sink is insanely small, but there are three stove, but it is quite innovative composition.

This slender pistol is of course not a propaganda of a gun, but a thing with pesticide in it. It is quite a smart body, and it seems that it can still pass as a weapon when fighting pests. Aside from the hit rate.

A mask of a shape that made me feel something monster or alien was developed by Max Factor. It is developed for the actress who is illuminated by the studio's powerful light all day and seems to finish beautifully without damaging makeup. Even though I can become a beautiful skin, I feel that no one can see the place I am doing this mask.

Conspicuous goods that can put 20 cigarettes to look like a fashionable hat. It means that you can smoke more quickly without having to go through the handbag.

Meanwhile, this advertisement like a cigarette is a bottle to tame hummingbirds. Honey is inside and you can play with the hummingbird that flew for food. This looks fun.

Ever caused a major boom in JapanRubik's Cube. It seems that as the lubricant was sold to prevent it from turning roundly, the competition for quickly completing the puzzle was getting excited.

"As many as 480 fingers gently scalp the scalp!", But when you look at the picture of the product it is outright enough to hesitate to use a bit.

"Wonder · sauna · hot · pants" of health equipments are like sauna suit which inflates inflatable air. It looks like a balloon than a similar concept that is being sold contemporarily, pumpkin pants style.

Shared showers that will save water bills. Looking at a place where rugged men talked about socializing, and seeing the place sweating away, was there a function like a public bath in Japan?

It is a device for sunbathing, it seems to cure diseases related to your head, but it seems to be only a device for applying permanching seen in a hairdresser.

A fresh wristwatch that will wreck the atmosphere of the place at a stretch when asked "What time is it now?" From a woman during a date.

Inflate with air, so-calledDutch wifeIt is surprising that the 10-day free trial period written in the lower right part. It is a rare service now at the moment ...

An advertisement of a tapeworm tie diet in which an ancient Roman style woman was drawn. The content that it can be slaughtered by keeping the tapeworm inside the body makes us feel obsessive as to whether we can do it if it can go down. It is written so as to be safe in advertisements, but if an amateur picks out hands, something dangerous will certainly occur.

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