Finally the UFO invaded the world, a man drawn in Los Angeles vs aliens' battle "Battle: Los Angeles" trailer movie

Though data that we have witnessed UFO surely for many years existed in Buenos Aires, Seoul, France, Germany, China, etc., no one seriously came. In 2011, however, the earth was finally attacked by unknown power by UFO, UFO who was harmless enough only to be witnessed by human beings suddenly became a threat of reality, big cities of the whole world are destroyed successively, in which Los Angeles The rude sci-fi movie that the Marine Corps Sergeant (Aaron Eckert) and his new platoon fierce fierce battle against the terrible enemies that had never encountered before,Battle: Los Angeles"is.

The high quality is high, the reproduction of a strangely documentary trailer is from the following.
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YouTube - Battle: Los Angeles Trailer 2011 HD

In 1965, Buenos Aires

In 1983, Seoul

In 1991, London

Cameras that continue to reflect evidence of UFO sightings one after another

A mysterious meteorite ...

Unexplainable pattern

The point of sight of people surfing

A city

Warning not to be ignored

An evacuation warning to people on the coastline will be issued

Live broadcast from the army

Television relay

Army dispatch

A mysterious battle has already occurred in the sky

Soldiers rushing to the helicopter


A helicopter taking off one after another

A mysterious meteor from the universe


Is this itself an attack from UFO

And the huge UFOs who reveal their appearance

No one was ready

It will be such a situation

And what will happen next

Signs over the fog

Intense battle

Is it on top of the roof?

Invaders reveal their appearance

How can humanity do before the extraordinary attack power of the alien

People who have no choice but to escape

UFOs that attack one after another

Cities receiving total attacks from UFOs

The fight that the platoon and the invaders get rid of imagination begin

Published on March 11, 2011 in the USA

The screening in Japan is scheduled for March 26th, 2011.

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