"Puccin pudding honey butter" taste of hot cake imagined taste review

Speaking of Putin Pudding, this summer "Soda flavorIt was memorably new that I released a shocking flavor that was unprecedented as unprecedented, but I bought it immediately as it is to release "honey butter taste".

Glyco dairy press releaseAccording to"Reproduce the flavor of [honey] and [butter] that imaged old-fashioned snacks of hot cake, with sauce. By combining unprecedented fragrant sauce with pudding," nostalgia "and" freshness " I finish it in a tasteable content. "And that. It is quite innovative idea.

So, the actual taste and appearance of "Puccin pudding honey butter" is from the following.Glyco dairy: Although it is new, it got married. Honey honey butter, it came out!

This is a package of "honey butter".

Upper cover. The image is a hot cake.

Compared to normal petit pudding. I noticed that the honey honey butter melts only a little in the middle rainbow.

Viewed from the side. You can see the color of the caramel sauce is totally different. A bit of honey butter protrudes sideways.

Raw material notation. It seems that caramel sauce is also contained in honey butter flavor.

The content is 170 g and it is the same size as Big Puccin pudding.

I will transfer it to the plate, the real pleasure of Puccin pudding.


It is like this when the container is removed. Part of the source is flowing. From the moment of removing the container, there is a sweet scent mixed with caramel sauce and butter.

I ordered it with normal taste. Honey is honey butter. After all, the scent of honey butter is considerably stronger than that of normal one, and if you bring your face closer to each one the difference is clearly understood.

First of all it is a normal mouth. It is a familiar taste, but if you taste it again, sweetness is not so strong, it is rather crispy.

Next honey butter. Caramel sauce and honey and butter are mixed, and it is not clear what taste it is. The taste itself does not change so much, and sweetness is certainly stronger than normal, but it is not so much rich but a good feeling. I think that it is considerably safe finish compared with soda flavor.

Unfortunately I could not feel hot cake from "Petit Pudding Honey Butter" but people who feel that sweetness is not enough with conventional Putin Pudding may try it.

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