Various health effects of apple for Alzheimer, pomegranate for prostate cancer, juice you want to choose for your purpose

It has long been said that fruits and vegetable juices are good for health, so it may be that many people make it a habit to drink juice not only from delicious but also from the image "Somehow looks good". not.

Also the other daybeat(Sugar beet) juicePreventive effect on dementiaAlthough just announced, scientists around the world are studying what kind of health effects are on what foods day and night, and as weekly information like "Fruits are effective in preventing this disease" was announced It is currently impossible to exhaustively eat all the foods that are said to be good for the body from day to day. I will introduce a list that summarizes the health effects of various juice, mainly focusing on items that can be easily obtained and easily drunk for when I get lost such as "Which juice should I drink?"

Details are as below.Can a fruit juice cure YOUR health problems as scientists discover beetroot juice can protect against dementia? | Mail Online

dementiaTo preventbeatjuice

Wake Forest UniversityResearch on beet juice for the elderlyFrontal lobeIt is indicated that it has an effect of increasing blood flow to the white matter of white, which is suggested to be effective in preventing dementia. Beat juice is abundantly includednitrateDepending on bacteria in the bodyNitriteAlthough it is converted into nitrite, it seems that the mechanism of expansion of blood vessels in nitrite, thereby increasing the blood flow to the part where oxygen is particularly deficient in the body.

Alzheimer type dementiaTo preventApplejuice

By drinking apple juice, in the brainacetylcholineIt is possible to keep concentration, but this decrease of acetylcholine is related to Alzheimer's disease. Although the effect of this apple juice was found by experiments with mice, researchers said that humans would be able to obtain similar effects with 500 ml of apple juice per day for humans.

To maintain and improve memoryGrapejuice

University of CincinnatiIn the experiment conducted at the subjects who drank grape juice (purple one) every day,placeboIt is said that a significant improvement in memory was seen compared with the control group who drank. It is abundantly contained in grape juiceAntioxidantIt is considered to be the effect of.

To maintain and improve memoryblueberryjuice

Experiments conducted at the University of Cincinnati as in the case of grape juice, subjects aged 70 years and older who showed a decline in memory due to aging ingested one pint (about 500 ml) of blueberry juice for 12 weeks, It seems that a significant memory improvement was seen compared with that.

Prostate cancerIntoPomegranatejuice

It has been confirmed that pomegranate juice has an effect of inhibiting progression of prostate cancer.University of CaliforniaIn an experiment conducted in 50, 50 patients with prostate cancer drank 240 ml of pomegranate juice per day,Prostate specific antigen (PSA)Following the course of the concentration, PSA of prostate cancer patients doubles in 15 months, whereas subjects who drank pomegranate juice took an average of 54 months to double the PSA.

Colon cancerTo preventcarrotjuice

University of NewcastleOf the researchers found that fatty alcohols extracted from carrotsFalcarinolAnd rats fed juice squeezed from raw carrot discovered that the rate of developing colorectal cancer is one third lower. Falcarinol is a natural antimicrobial agent that protects the roots of carrots from molds, and it is contained only in carrots in plants to be eaten by humans.

For cancer preventionAcaijuice

Acai Berry originating in South Africa is rich in antioxidants and contains more than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.University of TexasStudies have shown that drinking Acai juice daily prevents cancer cell development and proliferation. In addition, Asai has an effect to stabilize the blood sugar value, it prevents uneven appetite, it seems to be useful for weight loss.


Enzymes contained in raw pineapple and pineapple juiceBromelainDecomposes proteins and helps digestion of meat etc, but when ingested on an empty stomach, there is an anti-inflammatory effect, and the effect of relieving swelling and pain of arthritis has been confirmed. Combinations of multiple enzymes including BromelainOsteoarthritis of the kneePrescribed inAnti-inflammatory drugThere is also a research result that it can be a safe alternative medicine.

Muscle pain andgoutIntoCherriesjuice

Recently doneNorthern Burri UniversityIn the study,London MarathonAt runner participating in marathon 5 days ago twice a dayMontmorency Cherry(SmyisakaThe savory cherries, which are rich in antioxidants and are members of the group, were able to recover after the marathon and muscle pain was light compared to the control group. Also, cherry juiceuric acidIt seems that there is also the effect of relieving pain of gout by helping to discharge.

Urinary tract infectionIntocranberryjuice


Cranberries are the most common pathogen for urinary tract infectionsE. coliWhen suppressing the growth of the cranberry juice, if you drink a cup of cranberry juice, it seems that the effect of preventing bacteria living on the urinary tract over 8 hours from infectious disease will continue. However, if you already have a urinary tract infection, cranberry juice was caused by infectioncystitisIt is superstitious for superstition and it is acidic so it is sometimes badly done at the time of urination, so be careful.

Heart diseaseTo preventorangejuice

Antioxidant substances contained in orangesHesperidinImproves blood vessel function and reduces the risk of heart disease. There is also a survey result that people drinking 500 ml of orange juice (hesperidin content 292 mg) per day have lower blood pressure than those drinking antioxidant supplements. Also, a cup of orange juice per dayUrinary stoneThere seems to be an effect to prevent.

For weight managementgrapefruitjuice

It is known that grapefruit helps carbohydrate metabolism and helps weight loss. In one experiment conducted in the United States, 100 overweight subjects were taken in groups that ingest 1/2 raw grapeflates before each meal, 3 grapefruit juice groups before gourmet food, no grapefruit Groups were divided into groups and the weight reduction effect was compared after 12 weeks. As a result, a significant weight loss was observed compared with the average grapefruit group of 1.63 kg, the grapefruit juice group averaging 1.5 kg, compared with the control group average of 0.23 kg It is said that.

To restore fatigueCoconut juice

Coconut juice is a transparent liquid (coconut milk is squeezed from white pulp of mature coconut) trapped in the young coconut fruit, which can compensate for moisture, carbohydrates, electrolytes and other components lost by perspiration It is also called "natural sports drink" because it can. In developing countries where saline is not available, coconut juice may be used for intravenous infusion. It does not contain fat, it is 16.7 kcal per 100 g, and it is low in calories, it has the effect of stabilizing the blood glucose level and the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure by antioxidant substances.


Carotenoids to make tomato redLycopeneHas a strong antioxidant effect, and the effect of protecting the skin from damage by ultraviolet rays is confirmed. There are also experimental results that people who eat a lot of tomatoes are hard to burn on 33% days.

Although the effect of the above juice is mostly drinking on a daily basis, it is only by drinking it on a daily basis, but if you drink the amount that can be effective with all kinds of juice every day, that alone will cause obesity It is supposed to take as much sugar as possible, it may be counterproductive. It seems to be good if you choose the juice you like, which is likely to be fit for your health, and you can drink deliciously every day. Also, cranberry juice and the like may be tastefully tasteless if it is not with sugar, but in choosing juice it may be better to choose something that is not supplemented with salt or sugar as much as possible.

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