Android smartphone "HTC Desire HD SoftBank 001HT" photo display in Japan

On October 7th SOFTBANK MOBILE is equipped with a big 4.3-inch large screen display that is the largest in Japan "HTC Desire HD SoftBank 001HTAlthough it announced,Today's company's 2010 Winter Spring Model PresentationSince it was exhibited in, we will deliver a photo review.

Details are as below.
Main features of "HTC Desire HD SoftBank 001HT". It is a model equipped with 4.3-inch wide VGA liquid crystal, 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash that also supports shooting of high-definition movie, 1 GHz high-speed CPU "Snapdragon", and supports FLASH 10.1.


It is compatible with Dolby Mobile, it is a smartphone that can enjoy various contents with large screen and powerful acoustics.

right side

Volume switch etc. concentrate on the left side

There is a headphone jack and a microUSB terminal at the bottom.

A power switch

Actually I got a man of an explanatory staff member. It certainly has a presence model.

Softbank Mobile's 2010 Winter Spring Model Official Page is below.

SOFTBANK 2010 Winter - 2011 Spring New Product Announcement | SOFTBANK MOBILE

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