Android tablet "DELL Streak 001DL" size that can be used smart Photo & Movie Review

SOFTBANK MOBILE Mobile 2010 Today's Winter Spring Model PresentationWe will review the Android tablet "DELL Streak 001DL" announced in the movie and photos.

It is compact but it is able to experience e-books, Twitter, etc. on a large screen, and it can seamlessly pass photos taken by camera to many web services for sharing.

"DELL Streak 001DL" Movie & Photo Review of the actual machine is from the following. The main installed functions are as follows. The screen is 5 inches and you can enjoy content on a big screen while it is reasonably easy to carry.

All colors are 2 colors. This is "carbon".

Place on the charger.

Earphone jack, volume adjustment switch etc. are attached from the right to the part coming up when sideways holding.

The camera is equipped with LED flash with 5 million pixels.

"Cherry red".

It is also possible to operate while standing on the charging stand.

Magazine subscription service provided by SOFTBANK "Viewon"Book selling service"SoftBank Book Store"It can correspond easily, you can enjoy e-book easily.

First of all, I will read magazines using "Viewon". It seems to be comfortable to read if you do.

YouTube - Read a magazine with "DELL Streak 001DL"

The pictures in the article are also displayed beautifully.

Anti aliasing will be slightly sweetened as the characters are expanded to the maximum, but this is still being improved.

When you launch "SoftBank Book Store", this bookshelf is displayed, and you touch it to select it from there.

You can also read manga slurping and enlarge / reduce.

YouTube - I read a glimpse of cartoons at "DELL Streak 001DL"

It has its own interface "DELL Stage" and automatically displays frequently used applications automatically. Twitter etc. can also be seen directly from the home screen.

Scroll smoothly.

YouTube - Slide the slide of "DELL Streak 001DL" home screen

A similar interface can be used for vertical holding.

Flick input is adopted for character input which becomes important not only for Twitter, but also for e-mails and the like.

YouTube - E-mail with "DELL Streak 001DL"

Pictures taken with the camera can be passed immediately to various services and e-mails, so that sharing can be done easily.

"GALAPAGOS 003SH"At the same time, the reservation reception will start on November 12 (Friday).

Softbank Mobile's 2010 Winter Spring Model Official Page is below.

SOFTBANK 2010 Winter - 2011 Spring New Product Announcement | SOFTBANK MOBILE

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