World's first 3D compatible Android smartphone "GALAPAGOS 003SH" movie review

I delivered it in the daytime.Photo reviewFollowed by,Softbank Mobile's 2010 Winter Spring Model Presentation held todayThe "GALAPAGOS 003SH"Movie review will be delivered.

In addition to the functions required by domestic users such as 1 Seg, Osaifu-Keitai, infrared, etc., we have installed naked-eye 3D liquid crystal for the first time on smartphones, and also supports taking 3D pictures.

Details are as below.
First scroll the menu screen. It is a prototype to the end, and it is going to be more crisp in the product version.
YouTube - Scroll through the menu screen of "GALAPAGOS 003SH"

Then I tried shooting 3D photographs. By shooting two photos shifted in position with one camera it will give you a three-dimensional effect.
YouTube - Taking 3D photos with "GALAPAGOS 003SH"

"GALAPAGOS 003SH" has adopted its own user interface which displays the latest information of the users recorded in the phone book across Twitter and e-mails.
YouTube - user interface of "GALAPAGOS 003SH"

The mail creation screen looks something like this. Flick input is also supported, and you can type in crispy.
YouTube - Mail creation screen in GALAPAGOS 003SH

Softbank Mobile's 2010 Winter Spring Model Official Page is below.

SOFTBANK 2010 Winter - 2011 Spring New Product Announcement | SOFTBANK MOBILE

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