A man who continues to devise a fully automatic suicide machine "Bill Thomas"

Our society is made to skillfully hide 'death', basically taking a cultural attitude denying death. Among them, "suicide" is handled as a kind of taboo, for example, even when a commuter train is used as a means of suicide do not do a direct way of sending an annoying announcement.

By presenting such taboos about suicide in an extreme form that makes you feel humor, you not only deny the misery of death, but also exactly recognize the self-destructive aspects that death itself brings, unconscious It is a series of art "Suicide" series by Mr. Bill Thomas trying to recover at By the way, the picture above is "Tub and Toaster".

Appreciation is from the following.

Knife and Iron (knife and iron)


Rats and Syringes (rat and syringe)

Seesaw and Ice Cube (seesaw and ice cube)

SwimmingPool ConcreteBlock (swimming pool and concrete block)

Dog and Shotgun (dog and shotgun)

Fish and Gun (fish and gun)

Gasoline and Candles (gasoline and candle)

Tractor and Plow Disc (tractor and cultivated board)

Chain and Train (chain and train)

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