Only 6% of the total will be retweeted (RT) with content tweeted on Twitter

When you do tweets (posting tweets) on Twitter you get some reply, such as reply (reply) with "@", etc. Retweeted at "RT" (Another person tweeted as it is What is the proportion of being done)? Sysomos, a research company, revealed the total 1.2 billion tweets over the past two months to clarify.

The results of the survey are as follows.
Replies and Retweets on Twitter, a Report by Sysomos

This is the figure of the survey result. 71% of the total is "no response" (reply), 23% "@" in the form of reply, and only 6% of the total is "RT". Looking at the breakdown of 6% RT, 92% has been found to be RT within 1 hour. Even for "@" tweets, only 85% of the tweets are "@", 10.7% are twice "@" and 1.5% "@" three times It seems quite difficult to keep replying.

Further looking at "RT" in more detail, 92.4% of all RT occurred within 1 hour after the first tweet occurred, 1.63% occurred within 2 hours, within 3 hours Only 0.94% occurred in the past. In other words, the tweet that did not get RT within 1 hour will melt into the vortex of the enormous amount of tweet and disappear, and there is almost no case that it will get bathed again.

There is a similar tendency for reply by "@", 96.9% of all reply occurred within one hour after the first tweet occurred, and 0.88% occurred within 2 hours.

Among all tweets, looking at the tweets that "@" received, 85% was reprimed only once. For another 10.7%, I reply to the original reply, and as a conversation I am deepening to the second stage. And, only 1.53% tweet has reached the third stage, it is supposed to reply to the original tweet, reply to that reply, and reply reply reply.

Although it is difficult to understand the meaning when written in words, in short it is how long the conversation catch ball continued in the form of replying to the reply. As you can see from the figure below, you can see that users who can continue to talk on Twitter are quite rare.

When it comes to this, it is becoming a ladder, "But there are certainly tweets that are explodingly spreading, but what is the reason for that?" In short, although this is extremely low probability, it means that tweets that are endlessly "@" and are "RT" twice are not zero.

Such a tweet knows how much power among all the tweets boasts in the following spiral movie. In the sense that the rotating spiral is on the time axis, the blue dots are tweeted and the size of this blue dot is "@" or "RT" number in the sense that time approaches toward the center It shows. In other words, the bigger the blue dot, the more tweets it is that tweets are being "@" or "RTed" by many people. The green line is "RT" for the original first tweet of the original, and the Orange line is "@" to the original original tweet of the original.

YouTube - Twitter Time Machine - a spiral of @ reply and retweets

Although it is truly a few, I can see that a tweet with tremendous power and topicality is born. But why is it such a thing?

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