Russian house like an ark made without drawing any design drawing at all

A man appeared on a certain hill in Russia, creating a house shaped like an ark without a design.

Wood of a wall with a sharp bow and warmth is somewhat mismatched, but I'm worried whether it will be a good house to live as a part of it.

The inside of the house is as follows.Victorprofessor: Дом-Корабль в Кемерово

This is the Ark house. The sharp bow is distinctive.

A shipy direction is being made, such as rope connection with a remote hut. But as far as I can see the hill is a hill.

On the first floor there is a kitchen just below the bow, and there are also other saunas and pools that are quite luxurious.

The 2nd floor is widely taken, 2 bedrooms and a child room are arranged.

The third floor looks like a greenhouse. Looking down on the roof from above, you can see it as a normal hut.

At first I meant that I meant only to make a bathroom in the shape of a ship, but in escalating while working I decided to shape the entire house into a ship.

Handmade seabirds made of tires of waste material are placed to enrich the shipy feeling while in the hill.

It is somewhat uneasy to have made without design drawings, but it seems that sharp is rather effective as a ship daring on the hill.

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