He showed me a purely domestic anti-influenza drug "Inabir inhalation powder 20 mg" that can be treated one-fifth of Tamiflu

As the temperature gradually declines, winter will come soon, but when it comes, diseases that I should be careful are flu. As its therapeutic agent, Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. released on October 19, 2010 this anti-influenza drug "Inervir inhalation powder 20 mg". It is an inhaled powder drug rather than a tablet,With one medicationTamifluWhich is equivalent to administration of 5 daysTherefore, it is a big characteristic that you can prevent deterioration of the medical condition etc due to forgetting to take medicine.

Because it is classified as prescription medicine which can be received when taking medical institution, it is not what is displayed in drugstore etc, but because I was able to show it specially because I got several sets this time , I decided to take a closer look at the real thing and usage manual.

How to use medicine etc. from the following.News Releases - Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. - Announcement of New Release of Inabir (R) Inhalable Powder 20 mg "Anti-Influenza Viral Agent

"Inabir inhalation powder 20 mg" is a box like this. A package that seems to be put in hospital anyhow.

There were three sets in it.

This is one set. If you actually prescribe it, it seems that you can pass one box like this.

It is OK at room temperature storage, so it can be purchased only when you receive a prescription from a doctor because it is a "prescribed prescription". It is not a drug of a lot that is placed in a drug store.

In the container, 20.76 mg of rananami building octanoic acid ester hydrate (20 mg as laninamibyl octanoic acid ester)

The content in one box is like this. "Inerville inhalation powder 20 mg" is 2, dosing manual, usage notes are included.

Explanation of utility for prescribed patients. It is explained in an easy-to-understand manner using illustration. Briefly, this medicine is an "inhaled" drug that can suppress the growth of influenza virus.

Influenza virus grows in the throat and bronchi, so it seems that inhalation type inabir has direct effect on the throat and bronchus and has the effect of suppressing the growth of the virus.

The back side has become inareru taking manual.

If it is less than 10 years old, the treatment ends with inhalation of one container of medication. If it is more than two it is necessary to inhale by two.

It is necessary to "inhale" to the last, so if the exhaled breath has reached the outlet of the drug, it will be out.

Here is the paper on which usage notes are written. It is written about detailed notes and side effects etc. with fine letters.

Anti-Influenza Oral TherapeuticsTamifluAlthough abnormal behaviors of minors thought to be a side effect caused by the drugs are considered problematic, it is said that this drug is also an anti influenza drug, so there is a possibility that similar side effects may appear.

It is sealed in this aluminum pack.

On the back side, how to take by illustration is stated. Personally I feel that this package is more intuitive and easier to understand than the manual.

This is "Inervir inhalation powder 20 mg". Seals etc. are attached that will serve as a guide when taking the medicine.

Nothing is pasted on the reverse side, it is twisted.

There is an air hole in the bottom. I use it to pinch it so as not to block it.

The size is about the same as eye drops. It is quite small.

First, I will push the one sticked with No. 1 sticker.

Then the center of the drug bottle slides like this. Now the medicine is ready for inhalation. Originally sucked once here, pushing further number 2, it is done by inhaling once more. Although I am a little worried if I am trying from an amateur feeling, I am expecting to be active in influenza therapy this winter because it is much less frequent than the existing anti influenza drugs.

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