It looks like a cameraman posing as well as animals bouncing off with cameras.

I think whether there are opportunities to photograph animals irrespective of pro and amateurs, but various unusual moments where animals are touching the camera were introduced.

From my squirrel who's curious to fiddling with the camera to meercats who want to capture from the squirrel, the approach is various, but you can see the camera is enjoying handling as a toy.

The appearance that animals are bouncing up with the camera as desired is as follows.Animal Photographers the BERRY

I'm straying and I am staring at the camera's lens. If you shut the shutter in this state, you can take a very nice picture.

Squirrel squirrel with camera.

I am staring at the viewfinder with cute eyes.

While scoring a wicked gaze here, I'm squeezing the film. If this is my own thing, it seems to cry ...

It seems that two of Meerkat want to appear on the camera so that they fight each other. I remember the elementary school student who was in front of the TV camera.

A handful that seems to understand if somehow pushes the shutter. I will master the shooting if I leave it for a while.

Are you staring at me for a shotter opportunity?

It may be that the lens of the camera aiming for the shutter opportunity stopped and looked like a tree.

This is caught by Speedlight. It seems that people are pretty curious as they come close to being human beings.

It seems that she is preparing to make even a nest inside.

A monkey who wants to take and a monkey who wants to be taken.

It is too earnest eyes.

You will see it as if you are stretching out and trying hard to shoot. Atmosphere that extended long shadow is good.

It looks like a toy camera, but a tightly tiny hand is cute.

Along with a small tripod, it is smiling as if the squirrel is really a photographer.

As if protesting with eyes "I will not give it!"

It seems that a pimp connected to the lens cap felt like it, and it is teasing with a beak.

It is a handful of hands saying "Please let me touch it".

I am crazy about grinding friggga and nose with a camera. I wonder if it smelled so much ......

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