NTT DoCoMo will decide the release date of Android smartphone "GALAXY S", distribution service of e-book is also started

NTT DoCoMo's Android smartphone "GALAXY S" officially announced on October 5The release date was decided.

"GALAXY S" is about 4 inch (800 × 480) "SUPER AMOLED (organic EL)" display realizing higher image quality than conventional organic EL, about 5 million pixel auto focus camera supporting face detection, 1 GHz CPU , 16 GB of built-in memory etc. It is also announced that the high-end model that also supports FLASH contents by adopting Android 2.2 will start trial delivery of e-book distribution service at the same time as sale.

Details are as below.
Press release: "DoCoMo smartphone GALAXY S" released | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

NTT docomo's press release says that Samsung's Android smartphone "GALAXY S" will be released from Thursday, October 28, 2010.

"GALAXY S" corresponds to "sp mode" where the same e-mail address as i-mode which has already started service is available, and download application from "docomo market" and "Android market" "SAMSUNG Apps" It is possible.

Also, in conjunction with the launch of "GALAXY S", we accessed a dedicated site on the docomo market for a limited time from 10 am to 10 December 2010 on Thursday, 28 October 2010, and it became a set with contents By installing the viewer application, you can use not only general books and comics, but also magazines linked with videos and maps that make use of the features of e-booksExperimental implementation of e-book distribution serviceIt is said to be.

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