Men who are hiking are killed by goats

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It seems that a painful incident has occurred that a man who was hiking in a national park was killed by a goat (Mountain goat). Recently, the news that bears and wild boars have come down frequently in the village are flowing, but even if the other party is an animal without a ferocious image, it seems not to be distracted.

For details on what kind of situation, please see below.
Man killed by goat in Olympic National Park was experienced hiker - Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily NEWS

Bob Boardman (63), a nurse living in Port Angeles, with his wife Susan Chadd and his friend Pat Willits,Olympic National ParkI went hiking to Klahhane Ridge. Three people stopped their feet for lunch,Shilohoya yagi(Mountain goat)Male of the day appeared in front of their eyes.

As this goat showed aggressive behavior, Boardman drove his wife and Mr. Willits down the goat. It seems that Boardman managed to get away from the place, but it did not go well, he said the goat had been stabbed by the thigh. "In fact, nobody has seen what happened, but Boardman's cry was heard" was a friend of Willits and said that Jessica Baccus, who had been hiking on a family day this day It is a testimony.

Jessica's husband, Bill Baccus of Park Ranger who was off duty this day, found Boardman who is falling down and a goat nestling in the vicinity. I threw a blanket towards a goat. It was a goat a little far away, but I did not try to leave so far.

Eventually, a helicopter from the Coast Guard who contacted rescued Boardman, but cardiopulmonary resuscitation was attempted before cardiopulmonary arrest and delivery to the medical center, but eventually Boardman He passed away as it was.

Mr. Bob Boardman who passed away.

(By Diane Urbani de la Paz / Peninsula Daily News)

According to the park staff, there are about 300 Shiroiwa goats in the Olympic National Park, but it seems that such a death accident is the first case. However, as for this goat, it is told that it was aggressive for a long time, it seems to be the object to be monitored, and it was said that it was caught by the park ranger and was killed and destroyed after the incident of this day.

Again wild animals are wild animals, even animals that do not have such a ferocious image like a goat, do not let out.

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