The 3rd Tokushima Burger Contest Prize Winner "Awa Sodachi Chicken's Premium Chicken Burger" Tasting Review

Tokushima's "Machiavailable 4"The summit of Meishan on the first day is a tremendous dense fog state, and at the announcement inside the ropeway, strangers who are in the place are on the spot as soon as it is told" You can see the right hand, ~ ~ you see? " It is in a ridiculous state of putting Tsukkom in "Miuney!", But as I was hunting around the thick fog, I got hungry, so I won the 3 rd Tokushima Burger Contest winner "Awa Sushi Chicken 'S Premium Chicken Burger.

Taste reviews are as follows.
This burger was made with "HATS espressivo".

Of this time"Machiavailable 4"It is opening store like this at Mt. Mountain top. Since there is a climb of Tokushima burger, it should be immediately understood.

Winning the 3rd Tokushima Burger Contest First Prize, the price is 600 yen.

We also sell drinks

Completed in about 1 minute while ordering and making it

That's why this is "Awa Sushi Chicken's Premium Chicken Burger"

The size is like this.

Awa Sushita Chicken 's poultry meat is full with skin.

In addition, rice starch (peel), potato mayonnaise, lotus root, lettuce, cucumber, onion (all from Tokushima), paprika, and Naruto mushrooms as hidden taste.

The size is the size suitable for just hanging on, the refreshing flavor of chicken + ramen mayonnaise from the first mouth. Vegetables are added there, and it has a feeling of shakiyaki, the lotus root feeling is pleasant feeling. It is highly complete. Sushita mayonnaise is not a stuffy feeling, but an atmosphere like a dressing that was carefree.

Awa Sushita chicken is not paspy, and juicy and juicy gravy is spread out, pretty good. I judge it as worth 600 yen.

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