Move toward realization of 'regional vacation divergence' where consecutive holidays break apart by region gets full swing, 'National League Conference' held

In February of this year the Government's Tourism Promotion Headquarters established the "Leave Distributed Working Team (WT)"We are considering dispersing consecutive holidays for each regionWe talked about, but to realize "Vacation Reform National CongressIt is clear that it will be held.

In the case of a large company where the calendar falls apart from region to region and it is difficult to manage the schedule or there are several branch offices in the district, because the head office is working, the problem of being unable to close the branch office is a mountain "In the end everyone will not be able to restWhile it comes to mind, the government seems to be positive for promotion.

In addition, the above image is a calendar when golden weeks are distributed in 5 weeks by region, but when such a holiday distribution is made, it is impossible for you to return home to the region using vacation ... ....

Details are as below.
"Holidays Reform National Congress" will be held! ~ The first meeting will be held from 9: 00 on Wednesday, October 6 ~ | 2010 | News announcement | News · public relations | Tourism Agency

According to the announcement by the Tourism Authority, in order to level the domestic travel demand, create new tourism demand, improve services in the tourism industry and stabilize employment, and to revitalize the regional economy through these, currently large consecutive holidays "Distribution of vacation acquisition", which is acquired by distributing it by region, is proposed as a holiday reform, and he seems to be hearing opinions from various circles.

Because the holiday reform is aimed at reconsidering the "way of vacation" and aiming at reconstruction and concerning the whole life of the people, the national and social morale is raised in promoting, and the citizen of getting a vacation It is said that improvement of consciousness is necessary.

In addition to forming a national consensus on the holiday reform and launching the "National League Council of the National League for Reform" consisting of members representing the various citizens to promote the citizens' movement to promote and diversify the acquisition of vacation, We are planning to hold the first meeting on October 6.

Mr. Akio Mimura, Chairman and Representative Director and Chairman of Nippon Steel Corporation, will be appointed as a chairman, and the conference will be composed of committee members from various fields such as the business circle, labor world, education circles, researchers, NPOs, young people, media There are also names such as Mr. Yasushi Akimoto, a lyricist who is known for producing the popular idol group "AKB 48".

The committee list is from the following.

(PDF file)Vacation reform National Council member list

Even if the public's awareness of getting a vacation improves, I do not necessarily agree with the decentralization of vacation, but I think that promoting it with this emphasis on promoting it so far will be Is it really meant to introduce a vacation distribution ... ....

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