Eternal sex symbol, Lupine the 3rd generation "Midomi Fujiko" cosmetics to be released

From a gentle and unrestrained personality to the glamorous body filled with sexiness and my desiresSex symbolIt is obvious that a cosmetic product that embodies the character of Mr. Fujiko Mine, who is not an exaggeration to say "Lupine the Third" appears.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Cosmetics "Mine Fujiko cosmetic series" based on the concept of "strength and beauty" like Mt. Fujiko released October 15

According to Bandai's press release, it seems to release the "Mine Fujiko Cosmetic Series" from Friday, October 15 as a new series of its cosmetic brand "Creer Beaute".

"Mine Fujiko Cosmetic Series" is a product that adopts the character of Mr. Fujiko Mine of "Lupine the 3rd" which was frequently requested by the user, the concept of "strength and beauty" that the woman admires, and as the first step, two types of mascara and liquid One type of eyeliner and two types of lip gloss will be released.

"Mine Fujiko Lip Gloss" is a lineup of two colors of "Shiny pink" and "Champagne gold" which can be provoked gorgeous and glamorous provocation, the price is 1260 yen including tax.

"Mine Fujiko Liquid Eyeliner" is 1260 yen including tax.

"Mine Fujiko Volume Curl Mascara" and "Mine Fujiko Long Curl Mascara" are 1575 yen including tax. Both are concepts "strong and beautiful steal heart!"

Contents is like this. The character "Mine Fujiko" is designed.

It is a cosmetic product with an interesting concept, but it is a place to wonder how many people there are in the world who can make the adult's fascination like Mine Fujiko use this cosmetic ... ....

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