A 5-year-old girl who got a strange disease where her skin changes every 24 hours

Annabelle Whitehouse (5 years old) seems to be suffering from an extremely rare hereditary skin disease that skin is replaced every 24 hours by nature.

If the skin is normal, it will be replaced by metabolism at a cycle of 23 days, but she is abnormally quick in that cycle, skin is peeled off every day and replaced with new one. For that reason it is very weak and easily scratched, which means that special care is required.

Details of what she is living on is as follows.Girl, 5, has rare condition where she sheds her skin every day | Mail Online

Annabelle Whitehouse was diagnosed as ichthyosis of hereditary disease as soon as it was born. This disease is usually a change in the epidermis which changes at the cycle of 23 days every day peeling off and her parents will change so that her skin does not get hurt by the movement of Annabelle who has an active personality and her parents You must paint and protect the cream. Also, my parents had to protect her from looking at the state of her skin and not having any idea of ​​whom a passerby throws at all without knowing the circumstances.

"As soon as Annabelle was born, something bad happened to this girl," Mother Sonia says. Annabelle was instantly diagnosed as ichthyosis by a doctor who had seen a similar case in Africa. It is said that both parents' genes were likely to cause symptoms, but the probability of onset was very low, 3 / 1,000,000, so it seems that the disappointment was large accordingly.

They kept painting creams every other hour on the extremely delicate Annabelle's skin day and night. Although the circumstances improved, I still have to wrap the bandage from the top after painting the cream four times a day, but now I can just leave my face and hand exposed.

Although it is still Annabelle who needs care, parents want to send a so-called ordinary life like the Lydia whose eight older sisters do not have genetic diseases. And although Annabelle is now recovering to be able to tackle ballet and horseback riding, it is still not easy for her having a sick. In addition, Annabelle began to appeal to my mother that she suffered from suffering from her own illness and since I became four years old, "I want to be the same as everyone, I want a mother-like skin." Sonia says, "I'd like to tell Annabelle," You are beautiful, "as I was quite helped by consulting a psychological counselor.

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