A video that verified the similarity of cats and croissants that seems to be delicious cats looking deliciously sleepy

A cat sleeping with sleeping with curls. "I like color and good shape, something resembles ... ... so, croissant!"EurekaThere seems to be some people who wanted to tell everyone the experience, that cat made a video to transform into croissant.

The cat is metamorphose in croissant, but that's it, but it's finished in a cute little movie that was heartwarming. If you look at it you may want to cater for your cat asexually, or you may get an urge to eat croissants.

Playback is from the following.YouTube - Cats Morph to Croissants

A cat sleeping pleasantly pleasantly cold. SlightlyFirefoxI do not feel like I have ingredients.

But if you are staring still ... ...

Make a croissant.

Perfect match.

This time a whitish cat.


To a wonderful catwassan.

In the case of a pure white cat here, the color seems not to be much croissant ... ....

Apparently it seems to be a croissant before baking in the eyes of croissants.

It looks quite delicious when it is baked overflower.

A cat lying on the roadside ......

It looks completely like croissants.

In the worldFaithful people who find Jesus in every placeAlthough there are cats, even if you look at what you catch, you remember cats, and croissants love what you might remember croissants. Some people say that this delicious croissant has become invisible only to cats.

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