A mysterious photograph capturing the flowing movement of a dancer by long exposure

Cut out a dynamic moment with a high-speed camera, and there is a wonderful photograph that captured the moment the dancer jumped up as though it were still in the air.

On the contrary, however, there is also a photograph that captures the trajectory like a ribbon by recording the movement of the dancer with a low speed shutter. These photos are photographer Bill Wadman (William George Wadman) By Mr. "Motion Experiment" project. Among them, I will introduce works with unique atmosphere.

Details are as below.Dancers in Motion (15 photos) - My Modern Metropolis

In the project we recorded the movements of the ballet dancers with a long exposure of about 6 seconds.

I can understand the difference between the stationary part and the part where the speed is the fastest.

Red leotard is a dancer called Shiho.

This is a female dancer called Eran.

Powerful movement.

Amber is still a female dancer.

Here is also Amber.

A female dancer called Ashley.

Although it seems that you can imagine how you will stick to the photograph by looking at the dance, it seems to be able to reproduce the dance from the photograph.

The original concept was not to take a choreographed dance with a low speed shutter, but as a photographer Wadman imaged the "path" of the dance he wanted to photograph and instructed the dancer to move is. By the way it is said that the project took about a month.

Male dancer James.

"Although I had a hard time trying to grasp the optimum speed to record the trajectory like a ribbon as aimed, I am deeply impressed with the photos that I made," one of the dancers who took part in the project said It is.

Besides this, Bill Wadman's work can be seen in the slideshow from the following site.

William George Wadman - Motion Experiment 1 - Eran

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