"IWatch" iPod nano became a stylish clock

At Apple's new product launch party on September 2New iPod nanoAlthough it was announced, it is likely to be able to use any style even if it is a style that puts it on the arm using a band, even if it is so small, it will not get in the way even if put in a pocket.

So, as soon as there was someone who actually tried what to do if the new iPod nano was made into a wrist style "iWatch", I will introduce it.

Details are as below.
This is the new iPod nano.
IPod nano | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Immediately wearing it on the arm. Zero discomfort, it seems that it is such a clock from the beginning.
IPod nano watch! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Of course, not a band is prepared, but this is only a clip holding the iPod nano on the wristwatch, but it is still a piece that makes me think "this can go". In addition to the comments that praises as "nice!" "Like!" In the photograph, there are also people who chose the color with this same idea. By the way, shootingKei OgikuboThanks.

The idea of ​​"iWatch" itself is not uncommon, and the design studio named ADR studio creates spot movies in May as "the announcement of Apple this time is definitely" iWatch ".
Album 1 << Gallery 37 << portfolio << ADR Studio

Although it is not an official but a clip on a wristwatch, it is just "iWatch", but because the original design is excellent, I feel pretty ants.

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